Human Odyssey, Vol. 3

by Mary Beth; Cribb, John; Holdren, John, Eds. Klee Author

(From Amazon): K¹²'s The Human Odyssey series puts the story back in history with a gripping narrative of adventure, struggle, and triumph, helping us understand where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be headed. The complex 19th century political landscapes of Asia and Europe set the stage for the dramatic third episode in the odyssey, in which the Great War and the Russian Revolution give way to churning century of even greater war, uncertainty, and economic turmoil. Science heats up as the Cold War freezes international relations; and major new political hot spots develop even as humanity reaches out into space. The digital information revolution changes the very way we conceive the human odyssey at the gateway to the 21st century. Full-color images, diagrams, maps, and charts throughout. An appendix of geographic terms and concepts, atlas, glossary, pronunciation guide, and index are included.

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
8th - 12th
Historical Setting
1914 - 2000
K12 Inc.


  • 1-1 From Modern to Contemporary
  • 1-2 The World Transformed: Two Kinds of Revolution
  • 1-3 Meeting the Challenge of Change
  • 1-4 Powerhouse in Europe: Germany Rising
  • 1-5 A New Powerhouse in Asia: Meiji Japan
  • 1-6 Imperialism in Action: The Scramble for Asia
  • 2-1 Igniting The Powder Keg
  • 2-2 The Great War
  • 2-3 Revolution in Russia
  • 2-4 War's End and a Troubled Peace
  • 2-5 Terrible Uncertainty: Art and Belief After the War
  • 2-6 Growing Nationalism in the Middle East
  • 2-7 The Great Depression and the Rise of Dictators
  • 2-8 A Second World War Begins
  • 2-9 Allied Victory and the Shape of Evil
  • 2-10 Securing the Peace, Uniting Nations
  • 3-1 The Cold War Begins: Rebuilding Amid Deep Divisions
  • 3-2 A World Divided and on the Brink
  • 3-3 Looking Up and Away: Scientific Advances in Post-war Years
  • 3-4 The End of Empire: Former Colonies Gain Independence
  • 3-5 Conflict in the Middle East
  • 3-6 Hot Spots in the Cold War
  • 3-7 The Wall Comes Tumbling Down: The End of the Cold War
  • 3-8 Terrorism: The New Threat
  • 3-9 An Electronically Charged Information Revolution
  • 3-10 Ongoing Democratic Revolutions

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