String, Straightedge, and Shadow The Story of Geometry

by Julia E. Diggins Author

(From Amazon): String, Straightedge, and Shadow: The Story of Geometry is a beautifully illustrated book that is a must-read for students learning geometry or for parents helping them through their first geometry course. Julia Diggins masterfully recreates the atmosphere of ancient times, when men, using three simple tools, the string, the straightedge, and the shadow, discovered the basic principles and constructions of elementary geometry. Her book reveals how these discoveries related to the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. The fabric of the story is woven out of archeological and historical records and legends about the major men of mathematics. By reconstructing the events as they might have happened, Diggins enables the attentive reader to easily follow the pattern of reasoning that leads to an ingenious proof of the Pythagorean theorem, an appreciation of the significance of the Golden Mean in art and architecture, and the construction of the five regular solids. Out of print for 34 years, Julia Diggins' classic book is back and is a must-read for middle school students or for parents helping their children through their first geometry course. You will be fascinated with the graphic illustrations and written depiction of how the knowledge and wisdom of so many cultures helped shape our civilization today. This book is popular with teachers and parents who use Jamie York's Making Math Meaningful curriculum books.


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