That's Very Canadian!: An Exceptionally Interesting Report About All Things Canadian, by Rachel (Wow Canada! Collection)

by Vivien Bowers Author

(From Amazon): Rachel's school project on Canadian symbols illuminates a unique national identity!From their languages to the flag, from their money to the Mounties, Canada has many unique characteristics. That's Very Canadian! is an examination—and celebration—of what makes Canadians so, well...Canadian.From the multi-award-winning dynamic duo that brought us Wow Canada! comes a brand new title on a Canadian theme for kids. That’s Very Canadian! explores the symbols and icons—both official and unofficial—of this unique country and culture.Topics include the story behind how the country came to have its name, how Canada came to have the "noble" beaver as a national symbol, the bilingual nature of Canada—from Quebec street signs to cereal boxes—and how the two official languages have merged to form distinctly Canadian words, tasty treats from across the country: maple syrup, poutine, Macintosh apples, donuts, dulse, pemmican, and fiddleheads, idiosyncrasies of Canadian spelling, pronunciation and word usage, including vocabulary such as "deke", "toque" and the ubiquitous "eh?".A valuable resource for students needing straightforward information on Canada’s national, provincial, and territorial symbols, this exploration is also an entertaining way to educate young readers about the heritage and national identity of Canada.


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  • 1 Canada! Who Came Up With a Name Like That? p. 10
  • 2 A Buck-Toothed Beaver Becomes a National Icon p. 12
  • 3 Treated Like Royalty p. 14
  • 4 The Arms of Canada p. 16
  • 5 A Brisk Walk Around Ottawa, the Nation's Capital
  • 6 A Guided Tour of the Parliament Buildings
  • 7 Much Ado About the Canadian Flag
  • 8 How Does Canada Work?
  • 9 Oh Canada!
  • 10 How Will You Be Paying? Credit Card or Beaver?
  • 11 Loonie Toonies and Piggy Banks
  • 12 Branding Canada: Episode 1
  • 13 British Columbia
  • 14 Alberta
  • 15 Saskatchewan
  • 16 Manitoba
  • 17 Ontario
  • 18 Quebec
  • 19 New Brunswick
  • 20 Nova Scotia
  • 21 Prince Edward Island
  • 22 Newfoundland & Labrador
  • 23 Yukon
  • 24 Northwest Territories
  • 25 Nunavut
  • 26 Branding Canada: Episode 2
  • 27 Hockey Night in Canada
  • 28 Parlez-vous Canadian?
  • 29 Rachel's Canadian Cafe
  • 30 Paddle Hard!
  • 31 We Spell it With a U
  • 32 Send in the Mounties
  • 33 Supersized Canada- It's Wild Out There!
  • 34 Meet the Neighbours
  • 35 Destination Canada
  • 36 Souvenir of Canada
  • 37 So You Want to be a Canadian
  • 38 Branding Canada: Episode 3

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