Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History AO Yr1

by Richard M. Hannula Author

(From Amazon): "Thus says the LORD: Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; then you will find rest for your souls"(Jer. 6:16). Christianity is a faith in love with history. God took on human flesh and dwelt among us. The Spirit carried that divine work over the centuries, providing courage and maturity even amid our imperfections. Christians find their true family line not through tribes and ethnic blood but in the bond of faithfulness and shed blood that has united our family for millennia. We too often view Church history as the story of obscure aliens instead of the lives of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. In this collection of forty-six brief biographies for children, Hannula sketches the stirring trials and triumphs of many famous and some lesser known figures in our family of faith—including Augustine, Charlemagne, Anselm, Luther, Bunyan, and C.S. Lewis. Through them we can begin to enjoy the old paths and find rest for our souls.

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1st - 1st
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  • 1 No reading
  • 2 Polycarp
  • 3 No reading
  • 4 No reading
  • 5 No reading
  • 6 No reading
  • 7 Blandina
  • 8 No reading
  • 9 No reading
  • 10 No reading
  • 11 No reading
  • 12 Constantine
  • 13 No reading
  • 14 Athanasius
  • 15 No reading
  • 16 No reading
  • 17 No reading
  • 18 Ambrose of Milan
  • 19 No reading
  • 20 No reading
  • 21 No reading
  • 22 Monica and Augustine Christian
  • 23 No reading
  • 24 No reading
  • 25 No reading
  • 26 No reading
  • 27 Patrick the Irish
  • 28 No reading
  • 29 No reading
  • 30 No reading
  • 31 No reading
  • 32 Pope Gregory
  • 33 No reading
  • 34 No reading
  • 35 No reading
  • 36 Boniface Missionary to the Germans

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