Dogs of Myth: Tales From Around the World

by Loretta Hausman Author

(From Amazon): On the first morning of the world, a man and a dog forged a solid friendship. Ever since, in cultures all around the globe, dogs have been our faithful companions -- inseparable, dependable, loyal, and loving. Gerald and Loretta Hausman retell thirteen tales that capture the spirit of our beloved friend, the many-faceted dog. Here are trickster dogs, like the well-meaning but forgetful husky who accidentally brought Death to the world. Here are guardian dogs, like the wolfhound who was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect his master's baby. Here are super dogs, like the poodle who could speak four languages, catch bullets with his teeth, and change shape. Here, too, is the story of that first man and dog and the promises they made -- and many more. The Hausmans beautifully evoke the varied cultures that nourished each tale -- from that of the Nyanga people of Africa to that of the Ainu of Japan and the Siberian Eskimos of Unisak -- and their rich storytelling style makes each an irresistible read-aloud. Barry Moser's brilliant watercolors gracefully pay homage to thirteen different breeds. So, dip into these pages and enjoy finding your own best friend -- in the mythic proportions every dog deserves.


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  • Intro
  • 1 The Gift of Fire: A Basenji Tale
  • 2 Why Dogs Cannot Talk Like People: An Akita Tale
  • 3 How Dog Brought Death into the World: A Husky Tale
  • 4 First Man and First Woman's Dog: A Coyote Tale
  • 5 King Herla's Hound: A Bloodhound Tale
  • 6 The Ghostly Weaver: A Retriever Tale
  • 7 Prince Llewelyn's Gelert: A Wolfhound Tale
  • 8 The Seven Sleepers: A Saluki Tale
  • 9 The Thunder Mouth Dog: A Rottweiler Tale
  • 10 A Dog Named Boye: A Poodle Tale
  • 11 The Dog Who Married a Princess: A Shar-pei Tale
  • 12 The Dog, the Cat, the Snake, and the Ring: A Bichon Frise Tale
  • 13 The Dog with the Diamond Foot: A Spaniel Tale

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