Up One Pair of Stairs (My Book House, Vol. 3)

by Olive Beaupre Miller Author

The third volume in the "My Book House" series gives the young child stories of life in other countries and introduces him to the more simple fairy tales. Care has been taken to keep a good balance by offsetting imaginative tales with tales of real life and by including humorous stories. Richly illustrated throughout.

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Suggested Grades
Early Years - 3rd
The United Educators, Inc.


  • 1 Poem: The Wonderful World by Wm. Brighty Rands, p11
  • 2 Story: The Cap That Mother Made, A Swedish Tale, p 12
  • 3 Poem: The Road to China by Olive Beaupre Miller, p 19
  • 4 Story: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, an English Folk Tale, p20
  • 5 Poem: Fairy and Child by Eugene Field, p 25
  • 6 Poem: Yes, That's the Girl that Struts About by Kate Greenaway, p26
  • 7 Poem: School is Over by Kate Greenaway, p 27
  • 8 Poem: The Owl by Alfred Tennyson, p 28
  • 9 Story: The Owl's Answer to Tommy by Juliana Horatia Ewing, p29
  • 10 Poem: The Elf and the Doormouse by Oliver Hereford, p39
  • 11 Poem: The Brownies in the Toy Shop by Palmer Cox, p40
  • 12 Poem: New Year's Day by Olive Beaupre Miller, p45
  • 13 Poem: The Circus Parade by Olive Beaupre Miller, p 46
  • 14 Poem: Clouds, p48
  • 15 Story: Peter Rabbit Decides to Change his Name by Thornton W. Burgess, p 49
  • 16 Story: The Battle of the Firefly and the Apes, A Filipino Tale, p 59
  • 17 Poem: Twinkling Bugs, p 61
  • 18 Poem: Ducks' Ditty by Kenneth Grahame, p 62
  • 19 Story: The Mad Dog by Oliver Goldsmith, p 63
  • 20 Poem: King Hilary and the Beggarman, A.A Milne p 70
  • 21 Story: The Foolish, Timid, Little Hare, an East Indian Fable, p76
  • 22 Story: The Right Time to Laugh, an Australian Tale, p81
  • 23 Story: Little Half Chick, a Spanish Folk Tale, p85
  • 24 Poem: The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson, p92
  • 25 Poem: Indian Children by Annette Wynne, p93
  • 26 Poem: Song of the Leprechaun or Fairy Shoemaker by Wm. Allingham, p94
  • 27 Story: The Shoemaker and the Elves, a German Folk Tale, p 95
  • 28 Story: The Wee, wee Mannie and the Big, big Coo, a Scotch Folk Tale, p 99
  • 29 Story: A Quick Running Squash by Alicia Aspinwall, p 104
  • 30 Poem: Three Jovial Hunstmen, p 110
  • 31 Poem: The Little Girl and the Hare, adapted from Grimm, p 111
  • 32 Poem: The Honest Woodsman, adapted from La Fontaine, p114
  • 33 Story: The Story of Li'l Hannibal, transcribed by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, p116
  • 34 Story: A Story about the Little Rabbits by Joel Chandler Harris, p 123
  • 35 Poem: The Daring Prince by James Whitcomb Riley, p127
  • 36 Poem: Rosy Posy by Laura E. Richards, p 128
  • 37 Story: Mrs. Tabby Gray by Maud Lindsay, p 129
  • 38 Poem: The Kitten and Falling Leaves by Wm. Wordsworth, p 133
  • 39 Story: Of a Tailor and a Bear, from the music by Edward MacDowell, p134
  • 40 Poem: The Song of Soloman, from the Bible, p136
  • 41 Story: Oeyvind and Marit, a Story of Norway by Bjornstjerne Bjornson, p137
  • 42 Poem: The Shaking of the Pear Tree by Dinah M. Muloch Craik, p 146
  • 43 Story:The Funeral March of a Marionette, the story of the music by Charles Francois Gounod, p 148
  • 44 Poem: The Sea Shell by Amy Lowell p 150
  • 45 Story: Clytie by Flora J. Cooke, p151
  • 46 Poem: The Sea, by Emily Dickinson, p 155
  • 47 Story: The Baby Moses, retold from the Bible, p 156
  • 48 Poem: The Brook Song by James Whitcomb Riley,p161
  • 49 Poem: The Butterfly's Ball, and English Nursery Rhythm, p 162
  • 50 Poem: Little Maid of Far Japan by Annette Wynne p164
  • 51 Story: The Tongue-Cut Sparrow by Teresa Peirce Williston, p165
  • 52 Poem: The Mock Turtle's Song by Lewis Carroll, p170
  • 53 Story: How the Brazilian Beetles Got Their Gorgeous Coats by Elsie Spicer Eells, p172
  • 54 Fable: The Boaster, adapted from Aesop, p175
  • 55 Story: Chanticleer and Partlet, retold from Chaucer, p176
  • 56 Story: Happy Day in the City by Olive Beaupre Miller, p181
  • 57 Poem: City Smoke by Olive Beaupre Miller p195
  • 58 Fable: The Wind and the Sun by Aesop, p196
  • 59 Fable: The Dog in the Manger, p197
  • 60 Story: The Birds' St. Valentine's Day, p198
  • 61 Story: The Doll under the Briar Rosebush by Jorgen Moe, p204
  • 62 Poem: Little Blue Apron p 210
  • 63 Poem: Verses on Kingsley's Water Babies, by Kingsley p 211

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