The Story of Science: Newton at the Center

by Joy Hakim Author

(From Amazon): In volume two, students will watch as Copernicus's systematic observations place the sun at the center of our universe—to the dismay of establishment thinkers. After students follow the achievements and frustrations of Galileo, Kepler, and Descartes, they will appreciate the amazing Isaac Newton, whose discoveries about gravity, motion, colors, calculus, and Earth's place in the universe set the stage for modern physics, astronomy, mathematics, and chemistry.In the three-book The Story of Science series, master storyteller Joy Hakim narrates the evolution of scientific thought from ancient times to the present. With lively, character-driven narrative, Hakim spotlights the achievements of some of the world's greatest scientists and encourages a similiar spirit of inquiry in readers. The books include hundreds of color photographs, charts, maps, and diagrams; informative sidebars; suggestions for further reading; and excerpts from the writings of great scientists.


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6th - 8th
Smithsonian Books


  • 1 Off-Center? It Can't Be!
  • 2 A New Age: Bringing New Ways of Seeing
  • 3 On Revolutions and Fools
  • 4 Tycho Brahe: Taking Heaven's Measure
  • 5 Renaissance Men
  • 6 Gazing at a Star Named Galileo
  • 7 Moving Relatively or Relatively Moving?
  • 8 Are Novas Really "New" Stars? As to Supernovas-Wow!
  • 9 Moving the Sun and the Earth
  • 10 Do you Think You Have Troubles?
  • 11 Poor Kepler
  • 12 Descartes and His Coordinates
  • 13 What's the Big Attraction
  • 14 Gravity- How Absurd!
  • 15 Newton Sees the Light
  • 16 Newton Moves
  • 17 Fame Finds Newton
  • 18 A Dane Lights the Way
  • 19 What's the Matter?
  • 20 Robert Boyle, Skeptic - or Airhead?
  • 21 Daniel and the Old Lion Hunter
  • 22 Brains and Beauty Squared
  • 23 It's a Gas! Take its Temperature!
  • 24 Weighing the World
  • 25 The Right Man for the Job
  • 26 A Man with a Powerful Head
  • 27 Dalton Takes us back to Greece - and Atoms
  • 28 A Molecule and Number Man
  • 29 Putting Things in Order
  • 30 The Heated Story of an American Spy
  • 31 A Shocking Science
  • 32 Michael Faraday Has a Field Day
  • 33 Maxwell's Charges
  • 34 Bulldog Boltzman
  • 35 Wake Up! This is about Work, which take Energy
  • 36 A Number-One Law, Thermodynamically Speaking
  • 37 Obeying the (Second) Law
  • 38 Tying Down a Demon
  • 39 Nothing to Do?
  • 40 Wrapping Up and Getting Ready

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