The Aesop for Children

by Aesop Author, Milo Winter Illustrator

(From Amazon): A Version of Aesop's Fables for Children.There are Beautiful Illistrations by Milo Winter.One of the most famous book in the world, full of the truth of life.An excerpt:"The Tortoise, you know, carries his house on his back. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot leave home. They say that Jupiter punished him so, because he was such a lazy stay-at-home that he would not go to Jupiter's wedding, even when especially invited.After many years, Tortoise began to wish he had gone to that wedding. When he saw how gaily the birds flew about and how the Hare and the Chipmunk and all the other animals ran nimbly by, always eager to see everything there was to be seen, the Tortoise felt very sad and discontented. He wanted to see the world too, and there he was with a house on his back and little short legs that could hardly drag him along.One day he met a pair of Ducks and told them all his trouble."We can help you to see the world," said the Ducks. "Take hold of this stick with your teeth and we will carry you far up in the air where you can see the whole countryside. But keep quiet or you will be sorry."The Tortoise was very glad indeed. He seized the stick firmly with his teeth, the two Ducks took hold of it one at each end, and away they sailed up toward the clouds..."

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Resource Type
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In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 3rd
First Edition


  • 1 The Wolf and the Kid
  • 2 The Tortoise and the Ducks
  • 3 Belling the Cat
  • 4 The Eagle and the Jackdaw
  • 5 The Boy and the Filberts
  • 6 Hercules and the Wagoner
  • 7 The Kid and the Wolf
  • 8 The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  • 9 The Fox and the Grapes
  • 10 The Bundle of Sticks
  • 11 The Ass and His Driver
  • 12 The Oxen and the Wheels
  • 13 The Lion and the Mouse
  • 14 The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
  • 15 The Gnat and the Bull
  • 16 The Plane Tree
  • 17 The Farmer and the Stork
  • 18 The Sheep and the Pig
  • 19 The Travelers and the Purse
  • 20 The Lion and the Ass
  • 21 The Frogs Who Wished for a King
  • 22 The Oak and the Reeds
  • 23 Boys and Frogs
  • 24 The Crow and the Pitcher
  • 25 The Ants and the Grasshopper
  • 26 The Ass Carrying the Image
  • 27 A Raven and a Swan
  • 28 The Two Goats
  • 29 The Ass and the Load of Salt
  • 30 The Lion and the Gnat
  • 31 The Leap at Rhodes
  • 32 The Wild Boar and the Fox
  • 33 The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion
  • 34 The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat
  • 35 The Lion, the Bear, and the Fox
  • 36 The Hares and the Frogs
  • 37 The Fox and the Stork
  • 38 The Travelers and the Sea
  • 39 The Stag and His Reflection
  • 40 The Peacock
  • 41 The Mice and the Weasels
  • 42 The Wolf and the Lean Dog
  • 43 The Vain Jackdaw and his Borrowed Feathers
  • 44 The Monkey and the Cat
  • 45 The Dogs and the Hides
  • 46 The Bear and the Bees
  • 47 The Fox and the Leopard
  • 48 The Heron
  • 49 The Fox and the Goat
  • 50 The Cat, the Cock, and the Young Mouse
  • 51 The Wolf and the Shepherd
  • 52 The Farmer and His Sons
  • 53 The Goose and the Golden Egg
  • 54 The Astrologer
  • 55 Three Bullocks and a Lion
  • 56 Mercury and the Woodman
  • 57 The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  • 58 The Milkmaid and Her Pail
  • 59 The Goatherd and the Goat
  • 60 The Wolf and the House Dog
  • 61 The Quack Toad
  • 62 The Cat and the Fox
  • 63 Two Travelers and a Bear
  • 64 The Dog and His Reflection
  • 65 The Hare and the Tortoise
  • 66 The Fox and the Crow
  • 67 The Lion's Share
  • 68 The North Wind and the Sun
  • 69 The Ass in the Lion's Skin
  • 70 The Bees and Wasps, and the Hornet
  • 71 The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle

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