Things People Do

by Anne Civardi Author

(From Amazon): This entertaining book is all about the work people do in different sorts of jobs. Set on an imaginary island called Banilla, it introduces a crowd of interesting people and shows some of the events that happen in their daily lives. There is Mayor Naze, the mayor of Banilla; Ivor Hose, the fire chief and Penny Sillin, the doctor, as well as Manuel Laber, the builder; Honor Toze, the ballet dancer; Phillipa Pale, the dairywoman and lots of others. Stephen Cartwright's charming and humorous pictures will capitave children's imagination and encourage them to delve into the book again and again. Compiled with the help of experts, "Things People Do" is written in clear and simple language. It is packed with detailed illustrations and information which will delight and fascinate children of all ages. It may also give them some ideas about what they want to do when they grow up. Hardcover. Pages: 40

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In Print
Suggested Grades
Early Years - 2nd
Usborne Pub Ltd


  • 1 The Island of Banilla
  • 2 The Fisherman
  • 3 The Builder
  • 4 The Hotel Manager
  • 5 The Schoolteacher
  • 6 The Baker
  • 7 The Farmer
  • 8 The Garage Owner
  • 9 The Reporter
  • 10 The Pilot
  • 11 The Fire Department
  • 12 The Doctor
  • 13 The Television Producer
  • 14 The Banilla Police
  • 15 The Vet
  • 16 The Ballet Dancer
  • 17 The Banilla Festival

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