Playing with Letters and Sounds (Delightful Reading Level 1) [SCM]

by Lanaya Gore Author

The Playing with Letters and Sounds (Delightful Reading Level 1) kit helps you teach your child the first step to reading—learning the letters and their sounds—through play!

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Suggested Grades
Early Years - Early Years
Simply Charlotte Mason


  • L1 Story Book
  • L2 ABC Book
  • L3 ABC Song
  • L4 Letter Play
  • L5 ABC Floor Puzzle
  • L6 Letters and Movement
  • L7 Musical ABCs
  • L8 Go Fish
  • L9 ABC Placemat
  • L10 Cereal Box Search
  • L11 I Spy Game
  • L12 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • L13 Shaping Dough
  • L14 Memory
  • L15 Skipped Letters
  • L16 Keyboard Search
  • L17 Bingo
  • L18 Stretch and Twist
  • L19 Review
  • L20 I'm Thinking Of Game
  • L21 Hidden Letters
  • L22 Magnetic ABCs
  • L23 Favorite Things
  • L24 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • L25 Review
  • L26 Musical ABCs
  • L27 Magnetic ABCs
  • L28 Go Fish
  • L29 Mail Search
  • L30 I Spy
  • L31 Craft Stick Alphabet
  • L32 Hopscotch
  • L33 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • L34 Matching Game
  • L35 Shaping Dough
  • L36 Book Cover Search
  • L37 Clue Me In
  • L38 Bingo
  • L39 Stretch and Twist
  • L40 Food Play
  • L41 Traveling Search
  • L42 Review
  • L43 I'm Thinking Of Game
  • L44 Magnet Race
  • L45 Egg Carton Match-Up
  • L46 Pancake Letters
  • L47 Typing
  • L48 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • L49 Craft Stick Alphabet
  • L50 Matching Game
  • S1 I Spy
  • S2 Sidewalk Chalk Grid
  • S3 Memory
  • S4 Recipe Search
  • S5 ABC Floor Puzzle
  • S6 Magnetic ABCs
  • S7 Household Objects
  • S8 A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book
  • S9 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • S10 ABC Order
  • S11 Alphabet Page
  • S12 ABC Book
  • S13 I'm Thinking Of Game
  • S14 Hide and Seek
  • S15 ABC Puzzle
  • S16 Pictures
  • S17 Household Objects
  • S18 Alphabet Page
  • S19 ABC Book
  • S20 Long A
  • S21 Long E
  • S22 Long I
  • S23 Long O
  • S24 Long U
  • S25 Musical ABCs
  • S26 Magnetic ABCs
  • S27 Go Fish
  • S28 Toilet Paper Sounds
  • S29 Play with Rhymes
  • S30 Craft Stick Alphabet
  • S31 Household Objects
  • S32 Animal Sounds
  • S33 Musical ABCs
  • S34 Picture Words
  • S35 Go Fish
  • S36 Hide and Seek
  • S37 I Spy
  • S38 Pick'em Out of a Lineup
  • S39 Matching Words
  • S0 Memory
  • S41 Clue Me In
  • S42 I Spy
  • S43 A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book
  • S44 What's in the Toy Box?
  • S45 Play with Rhymes
  • S46 Hopscotch
  • S47 Craft Stick Alphabet
  • S48 I'm Thinking Of Game
  • S49 Hokey Pokey Sounds
  • S50 ABC Order
  • S51 A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book
  • S52 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • S53 ABC Book
  • S54 Shaping Dough
  • S55 ABC Floor Puzzle
  • S56 Movement and Song
  • S57 Personalized ABC Book
  • S58 Magnetic ABCs
  • S59 Go Fish
  • S60 Hidden Letters
  • S61 Traveling Search
  • S62 Personalized ABC Book
  • S63 Craft Stick Alphabet
  • S64 I Spy Game
  • S65 Clue Me In
  • S66 Memory Game
  • S67 I'm Thinking Of Game
  • S68 Personalized ABC Book
  • S69 Hide and Seek
  • S70 Bingo
  • S71 Which One Doesn't Belong
  • S72 A is for Art: A Fine Art Alphabet Book
  • S73 Musical ABCs
  • S74 Personalized ABC Book
  • S75 Toilet Paper Sounds
  • S76 Who Says?
  • S77 Personalized ABC Book
  • S78 Poetry
  • S79 Picture Words
  • S80 What's in the Toy Box?
  • S81 Personalized ABC Book
  • S82 Favorite Things
  • S83 Maze
  • S84 ABC Order
  • S85 Egg Carton Match-up
  • S86 Craft Stick Alphabet
  • S87 Personalized ABC Book

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