World of Stonehenge

by BBC Video Author, Neil Oliver Narrator

World of Stonehenge ( also published as "A History of Ancient Britain) is a cutting-edge voyage of discovery through the world of prehistoric Britain, from the glacial wasteland of 12,000BC to the glories of the Stone Age. Tapping into the latest scientific detective work and experimental archaeology, popular author and broadcaster Neil Oliver discovers how our ancestors emerged from the last ice age in the Age of Ice; how agriculture really came to Britain; and the tipping points that changed the course of history. Investigating famous sites anew, as well as little known ones (which hold some of the biggest secrets), Neil goes to Carnac, Brittany, where farmers and hunter-gathers clashed 7000 years ago, and to Ireland, where he finds the most extensive Stone Age system of fields and walls yet, hidden under a metre of peat bog. Packed with insights and firsts, this ambitious series brings to life the very beginnings of civilization. Centre stage is the land itself, in all its spiritual and cultural glory.

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Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Historical Setting
12000 BC - 1000 BC


  • 1 AGE OF ICE: (53mins) 12,000BC life in ancient Britain emerging from the ice age, struggle for survival amidst climate change
  • 2 AGE OF ANCESTORS: (53mins) 4000BC; the transition from hunter-gathering to farming in ancient Europe
  • 3 AGE OF COSMOLOGY: (53mins)an exploration of some of the greatest monuments of the Stone Age throughout Europe, including Stonehenge in England
  • 4 AGE OF BRONZE: (54mins) how the arrival of metal brought social revolution, international trade and village life.

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