The God Who Is There

by Francis A. Schaeffer Author

(From Amazon): In 2006, Christianity Today voted this title to be one of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals! For over thirty years The God Who Is There has been the landmark book that changed the way the church sees the world. In Francis Schaeffer's remarkable analysis, we learn where the clashing ideas about God, science, history and art came from and where they are going. Now this completely retypeset edition includes a new introduction by James W. Sire that places Schaeffer's seminal work in the context of the intellectual turbulence of the early twenty-first century. More than ever, The God Who Is There demonstrates how historic Christianity can fearlessly confront the competing philosophies of the world. The God who has always been there continues to provide the anchor of truth and the power of love to meet the world's deepest problems.


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30th Anniversary Edition

Chapter s

  • Section I Chapter I The Gulf is Fixed
  • Section I Chapter II The First Step In The Line of Despair: Philosophy
  • Section I Chapter III The Second Step: Art
  • Section I Chapter IV The Third and Fourth Steps: Music and the General Culture
  • Section I Chapter V The Unifying Factor in the Steps of Despair
  • Section II Chapter I The Fifth Step: Theology
  • Section II Chapter II Modern Mysticism: Despair Beyond Despair
  • Section II Chapter III Modern Mysticism in Action: Art and Language
  • Section II Chapter IV Modern Mysticism in Action: Music and Literature
  • Section II Chapter V The Next Phase of Modern Theology
  • Section III Chapter I Personality or a Devilish Din
  • Section III Chapter II Verifiable Facts and Knowing
  • Section III Chapter III The Dilemma of Man
  • Section III Chapter IV God's Answer to Man's Dilemma
  • Section III Chapter V How do we Know It's True
  • Section IV Chapter I Finding the Point of Tension
  • Section IV Chapter II From the Point of Tension to The Gospel
  • Section IV Chapter III Applying the Gospel
  • Section V Chapter I Commending the Christian Faith To Our Generation
  • Section V Chapter II The Importance of Truth
  • Section VI Chapter I Demonstrating the Character of God
  • Section V Chapter II The Legal, But Not Only The Legal
  • Appendix A: The Question of Apologitics
  • Appendix B: The Problem of The Middle-Class Church in The Latter Half of the Twentieth Century
  • Appendix C: The Practice of Truth

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