Skills for Literary Analysis (Student)

by James P. Stobaugh Author

(From Amazon): Equips high school students to analyze classic literary genres, discern author’s worldviews, and apply biblical standards. Helps you build vocabulary by using new words in every speech and essay. Gain in-depth instruction in the subjects of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Learn to convey important ideas in both writing and speech in this easy-to-follow, daily format. This is a dialectic and logic level course that prepares students for later academic pursuits. This 35-week course presents diverse writings, from Shakespeare to Jack London, Lewis Carrol to Longfellow, and Sir Walter Scott to C.S. Lewis. Students are taught to analyze key elements of literature such as allegory narrative, satire, plot, setting, and more. While Dr. Stobaugh scrutinizes all literature from a Christian worldview, his instruction also helps students develop their skills in public speaking, writing, and discernment to empower them to be more effective Christian apologists. In the steps of Augustine, Milton, and Lewis, students are invited to analyze the classics with a keen, discerning eye, and to identify positive and negative components of literary worldviews emergent among the classics.


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Suggested Grades
7th - 9th
Master Books


  • 1 Setting - The Call of the Wild
  • 2 General Discussion - Worldview
  • 3 Narration
  • 4 Theme
  • 5 Characterization - Joseph Narrative
  • 6 Plot
  • 7 Tone: Humor - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • 8 Allegory - Idylls of the King
  • 9 Charaterization
  • 10 Plot - Treasure Island
  • 11 Suspense
  • 12 Narration - How Green Was My Valley
  • 13 Theme - Alice in Wonderland
  • 14 Parody
  • 15 Dialogue - Oracle of the Dog
  • 16 Humor - The Screwtape Letters
  • 17 Tone: Propaganda - Uncle Tom's Cabin
  • 18 Allegory
  • 19 Character Development - Anne Frank
  • 20 Setting
  • 21 Plot - Silas Marner
  • 22 Tone: Irony and Sentimentality
  • 23 Theme
  • 24 Precis - The Religious Life of the Negro
  • 25 Characterization - Anne of Green Gables
  • 26 Theme
  • 27 Plot - Ivanhoe
  • 28 Worldviews of the Protagonist
  • 29 Tone: Suspense - Shane
  • 30 Chacter: Internal Conflict
  • 31 Literary Review: Drama A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • 32 Literary Review: Letters
  • 33 Poetry: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  • 34 Short Story - The Lady of the Tiger?

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