DK Eyewitness Books: World War I

by Simon Adams Author

(From Amazon): Now in Paperback! Updated and revised to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War, Eyewitness World War I takes an in-depth look at the battles fought, the weapons used, and the lives lost. From the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, to life in the trenches, and Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points to the Treaty of Versailles, Eyewitness: World War I highlights the highs and lows of this four year battle in a format appropriate for readers from 8-12 years of age. For over 25 years, DK's Eyewitness books have been the most trusted nonfiction series in classrooms, libraries, and homes around the world. In summer 2014 this award-winning series will get a fresh new look both inside and out. The introduction of paperback editions, eye-catching jackets, and updated interiors ensure that the Eyewitness series will continue to be relevant in the ever-changing world of education and remain the go-to source for homework help, research projects, reluctant readers, ESL students, and, as always, to satisfy the minds of curious kids. Supports the Common Core State Standards.


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  • 1 Divided Europe
  • 2 The Fatal Shot
  • 3 War In The West
  • 4 Fighting Men
  • 5 Joining Up
  • 6 Digging the Trenches
  • 7 Life In The Trenches
  • 8 Ready To Fight
  • 9 Communication and Supplies
  • 10 Observation and Patrol
  • 11 Bombardment
  • 12 Over The Top
  • 13 Casualty
  • 14 Women At War
  • 15 War In The Air
  • 16 Zeppelin
  • 17 War At Sea
  • 18 Gallipoli
  • 19 Verdun
  • 20 Gas Attack
  • 21 The Eastern Front
  • 22 War In The Desert
  • 23 Espionage
  • 24 Tank Warfare
  • 25 The US Enters The War
  • 26 Under Enemy Lines
  • 27 The Final Year
  • 28 Armistice and Peace
  • 29 The Cost Of The War
  • 30 Did You Know?
  • 31 Key People And Places
  • 32 Find Out More

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