Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (Xist Classics)

by Mark Twain Author

(From Amazon): The Biography of the Greatest French Heroine “One day, riding along, we were talking about Joan's great talents, and he said, 'But, greatest of all her gifts, she has the seeing eye.' I said, like an unthinking fool, 'The seeing eye?—I shouldn't count on that for much—I suppose we all have it.' 'No,' he said; 'very few have it.' Then he explained, and made his meaning clear. He said the common eye sees only the outside of things, and judges by that, but the seeing eye pierces through and reads the heart and the soul, finding there capacities which the outside didn't indicate or promise, and which the other kind of eye couldn't detect.” - Mark Twain, Personal Recollections of Joan Of ArcAfter the death of his family at just five years of age, Louis de Conte is sent to a small village to live with a priest. There she meets Joan of Arc, a young peasant girl who would change French history forever. Enchanted by Joan, Louis de Conte becomes her servant and also her biographer. Xist Publishing is a digital-first publisher. Xist Publishing creates books for the touchscreen generation and is dedicated to helping everyone develop a lifetime love of reading, no matter what form it takes Get your next Xist Classic title for Kindle here: Find all our our books for Kindle here: Sign up for the Xist Publishing Newsletter here. Find more great titles on our website.


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Xist Classics


  • Vol. I, Book I, In Domremy - Preface
  • 1 When Wolves Ran Free in Paris
  • 2 The Fairy Tree of Domremy
  • 3 All Aflame with Love of France
  • 4 Joan Tames the Mad Man
  • 5 Domremy Pillaged and Burned
  • 6 Joan and Archangel Michael
  • 7 She Delivers the Divine Command
  • 8 Why the Scorners Relented
  • 9 Book II-IN COURT AND CAMP - Joan Says Good-By
  • 10 The Governor Speeds Joan
  • 11 The Paladin Groans and Boasts
  • 12 Joan Leads Us Through the Enemy
  • 13 We Pierce the Last Ambuscades
  • 14 Joan Convinces the King
  • 15 Our Paladin in His Glory
  • 16 Joan Persuades the Inquisitors
  • 17 She Is Made General-in-Chief
  • 18 The Maid's Sword and Banner
  • 19 The War March Is Begun
  • 20 Joan Puts Heart in Her Army
  • 21 Checked by the Folly of the Wise
  • 22 What the English Answered
  • 23 My Exquisite Poem Goes to Smash
  • 24 The Finding of the Dwarf
  • 25 Sweet Fruit of Bitter Truth
  • 26 Joan's First Battle-Field
  • 27 We Burst In Upon Ghosts
  • 28 Joan Makes Cowards Brave Victors
  • 29 She Gently Reproves Her Dear Friend
  • 30 The Fate of France Decided
  • 31 Joan Inspires the Tawdry King
  • 32 Tinsel Trappings of Nobility
  • 33 At Last--Forward!
  • 34 The Last Doubts Scattered
  • 35 How Joan Took Jargeau
  • 36 Joan Foretells Her Doom
  • 37 Fierce Talbot Reconsiders
  • 38 The Red Field of Patay
  • 39 France Begins to Live Again
  • 40 The Joyous News Flies Fast
  • 41 Joan's Five Great Deeds
  • 42 The Jests of the Burgundians
  • 43 The Heir of France is Crowned
  • 44 Joan Hears News from Home
  • 45 Again to Arms
  • 46 The King Cries "Forward!"
  • 47 We Win, but the King Balks
  • 48 Treachery Conquers Joan
  • 49 The Maid Will March No More
  • 50 Book III The Maid in Chains
  • 51 Joan Sold to the English
  • 52 Weaving the Net About Her
  • 53 All Ready to Condemn
  • 54 Fifty Experts Against a Novice
  • 55 The Maid Baffles Her Persecutors
  • 56 Craft That Was in Vain
  • 57 Joan Tells of Her Visions
  • 58 Her Sure Deliverance Foretold
  • 59 The Inquisitors at Their Wit's End
  • 60 The Court Reorganized for Assassination
  • 61 Joan's Master-Stroke Diverted
  • 62 The Third Trial Fails
  • 63 Joan Struggles with Her Twelve Lies
  • 64 Undaunted by Threat of Burning
  • 65 Joan Stands Defiant Before the Rack
  • 66 Supreme in Direst Peril
  • 67 Condemned Yet Unafraid
  • 68 Our Last Hopes of Rescue Fail
  • 69 The Betrayal
  • 70 Respited Only for Torture
  • 71 Joan Gives the Fatal Answer
  • 72 The Time Is at Hand
  • 73 Joan the Martyr
  • 74 Conclusion

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