The New World

by Winston Churchill Author

The New World is Winston S. Churchill's brilliant re-creation of one of the most fateful periods in English and American History- the two centuries between 1485-1688. These were the turbulent years which saw England win her farflung empire and defeat the might of Spain, when thousands of colonists left England found herself torn by religious wars and persecutions. These were the times of the great kings and queens, of the rupture of Rome, the Puritan rebellion and Oliver Cromwell, dramatically brought to life by one of the greatest historians and statesen of our time.

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Book IV, Book V, Book VIs
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8th - 12th
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Book IV, Book V, Book VIs

  • 1 Book IV: The Round World
  • 2 Book IV: The Tudor Dynasty
  • 3 Book IV: King Henry VIII
  • 4 Book IV: Cardinal Wolsey
  • 5 Book IV: The Break with Rome
  • 6 Book IV: The End of the Monasteries
  • 7 Book IV: The Protestant Struggle
  • 8 Book IV: Good Queen of Bess
  • 9 Book IV: The Spanish Armada
  • 10 Book IV: Gloriana
  • 11 Book V: The United Crowns
  • 12 Book V: The Mayflower
  • 13 Book V: Charles I and Buckingham
  • 14 Book V: The Personal Rule
  • 15 Book V: The Revolt of Parliament
  • 16 Book V: The Great Rebellion
  • 17 Book V: Marston Moor and Naseby
  • 18 Book V: The Axe Falls
  • 19 Book VI: The English Republic
  • 20 Book VI: The Lord Protection
  • 21 Book VI: The Restoration
  • 22 Book VI: The Merry Monarch
  • 23 Book VI: The Popish Plot
  • 24 Book VI: Whig and Tory
  • 25 Book VI: The Catholic King
  • 26 Book VI: The Revolution of 1688
  • 27 Index maps and genealogical table

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