Nature Unfolds The Tropical Rainforest (Nature Unfolds)

by Gerard Cheshire Author

(From Amazon): Children won't be able to put down Nature Unfolds, an exciting new series that uses spectacular fold-out illustrations to involve children in exploring habitats. Each book divides a particular habitat into its natural layers. The first spread features an overview of the entire habitat, which then opens up to reveal a glorious 11 3/4 x 34 3/4" fold-out illustration. Turning the pages reveals a closer in depth look at the animals and plant life one layer at a time. Each book contains fascinating information, two lavish fold-out illustrations, and a key listing wildlife and plant life. Children will be engrossed by searching for specific animals and plants in these amazingly detailed, full-color fold-outs.Children will be fascinated by the colorful animals and plants in Nature Unfolds The Tropical Rainforest, a lavishly illustrated new book that takes readers on a journey from the swamplands of the Amazon delta up through the layers of the tropical rainforest -- two separate but linking habitats. Amazing information and two spectacular fold-out illustrations help children identify the wildlife and plants that live: -- in the Amazon estuary-- in its wetlands and marshlands-- at the forest's edge-- in the upper canopy-- in the lower canopy-- in the understory-- on top and beneath the forest floor

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 12th
Crabtree Publishing Company


  • 1 Swamplands
  • 2 The Estuary
  • 3 Wetlands
  • 4 Marshland
  • 5 Forest Edge
  • 6 Rainforest
  • 7 Upper Canopy
  • 8 Lower Canopy
  • 9 Understory
  • 10 Forest Floor

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