Come Look With Me: World of Play (Come Look With Me)

by Gladys S. Blizzard Author

(From Amazon): Not only children, but also adults who read to them can learn from and enjoy this introduction to the visual delights of fine art, the fourth book in the much-acclaimed COME LOOK WITH ME series. COME LOOK WITH ME: World of Play pairs quality art reproductions with thought-provoking questions, encouraging children to enter the painting or sculpture and explore it through the artist’s eyes, through the eyes of the people depicted, and through the child’s own imagination. Author Gladys S. Blizzard has chosen twelve fascinating works of art ranging from an ancient Minoan fresco and a classic Winslow Homer to a wacky modern basketball game sculpted by Red Grooms in painted wood. This book can be shared by adults and children at home, in the classroom, in a library or museum. Wherever the setting, readers will enjoy this new way of looking at art: at the eager Mexican youngsters diving for falling candies and fruits in Diego Rivera’s Pinata; at Pieter Bruegel’s Children’s Games, where a townful of children engage in more than eighty different games of the 1500’s; at Elaine de Kooning’s Baseball Players, who, in a flash of color, make a deciding play at home plate. What children learn here by looking can spark in them a lifetime of appreciation for the fine arts.

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  • 1 Artist Unknown: Bull Jumping
  • 2 Attributed to Qasim Ibn Ali: Shahnama of shah Tahmasp
  • 3 Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Children's Games
  • 4 Kitagawa Utamaro: Blind Man's Bluff
  • 5 Jean-Simeon Chardin: The House of Cards
  • 6 George Catlin: Archery of the Mandan
  • 7 Winslow Homer: Snap the Whip
  • 8 Maurice Prendergast: The East River
  • 9 Horace Pippin: Domino Players
  • 10 Diego Rivera: Pinata
  • 11 Elaine de Kooning: Baseball Players
  • 12 Red Grooms: Fast Break

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