Baltimore Catechism No. 1

by Third Plenary Council of Baltimore Author

(From Amazon): Since the Baltimore Catechism was first launched in 1885, it has proved an incomparable tool for passing on the faith to the next generation. The revival of this Catechism reflects the growing realization among Catholics, that to accept, practice and defend the holy faith, we must first understand and learn its truths. The Baltimore Catechism clearly and concisely explains what Catholics believe. The question and answer format is useful for anyone who wants to grow in his or her knowledge of the faith of the Catholic Church. It is also perfect for parents who want to instruct their children in the fundamentals of Catholicism. This book is a superb teaching tool with 33 lessons, and is appropriate for grades 4-7. Size: 4.5 x 7 This edition has been re-typeset using the text of the 1933 edition originally published by Benzinger Brothers, NY under the Imprimaturs of John Cardinal McCloskey, New York, 6th April, 1885, Michael Augustine, New York 25th July 1898 and Patrick Cardinal Hayes, New York, 26th November 1932.

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Suggested Grades
4th - 7th
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  • Prayers
  • 1 On the end of Man
  • 2 On God and His Perfections
  • 3 On the Unity and Trinity of God
  • 4 On the Angels and Our First Parents
  • 5 On Sin and Its Kinds
  • 6 On the Incarnation and Redemption
  • 7 On Our Lord's Passion, Death, Resurrection, And Ascension
  • 8 On the Holy Ghost and His Descent Upon the Apostles
  • 9 On the Effects of the Redemption
  • 10 On the Church
  • 11 On the Sacraments in General
  • 12 On Baptism
  • 13 On Confirmation
  • 14 On the Sacrament of Penance
  • 15 On Contrition
  • 16 On Confession
  • 17 On Indulgences
  • 18 On the Holy Eucharist
  • 19 On the Ends For Which the Holy Eucharist Was Instituted
  • 20 On the Sacrifice of the Mass
  • 21 On Extreme Unction and Holy Orders
  • 22 On Matrimony
  • 23 On the Sacramentals
  • 24 On Prayer
  • 25 On the Commandments of God
  • 26 On the First Commandment
  • 27 The First Commandment- on the Honor and Invocation of the Saints
  • 28 From the Second to the Fourth Commandment
  • 29 From the Fourth to the Seventh Commandment
  • 30 From the Seventh to the End of the Tenth Commandment
  • 31 On the First and Second Commandments of the Church
  • 32 On the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Commandments of the Church
  • 33 On the Last Judgment and the Resurrection, Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven
  • Morning Prayers
  • Evening Prayers
  • Prayers for Mass
  • The Right Manner of Confessing
  • Communion Prayers
  • The Rosary of the Blessed Virgin
  • The Stations of the Cross
  • Hymns

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