Catholic National Reader: Book Two

by Rt. Rev. Richard Gilmour Author

(From Amazon): This hard bound series is a classic seven volume set filled with many Catholic stories for children of all ages. Used in our curriculum from grades 1b through 8, you will find beautiful essays, extracts of various kinds, including poetry and other dramatic selections. Also included are phonics, accents, calligraphy, language exercises, quizzes, illustrations, etc. Great stories, great pictures, great books! Sewn, cloth hardcover, with gold embossing, this set will be a valuable addition to any Catholic library.

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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
2nd - 2nd
Lepanto Press


  • I Saving the Blessed Sacrament
  • II Morning
  • IIII The Cow
  • IV Love One Another
  • V True Courage
  • VI True Courage- Continued
  • VII Food
  • VIII Charity
  • IX Helping Papa and Mamma
  • X Night
  • XI Birdies Three
  • XII The Polar Bear
  • XIII Saved by the Truth
  • XIV Saved by the Truth- Continued
  • XV Trees
  • XVI Kindness
  • XVII The Earth
  • XVIII Going to the Edge of the Earth
  • XIX The Horse
  • XX A True Story
  • XXI The Dog
  • XXII Kate and the Goat
  • XXIII The Mill
  • XXIV The Eagle
  • XXV The Providence of God
  • XXVI The Owl's Advice
  • XXVII The Squirrel
  • XXVIII Iron
  • XXIX Luke's Bundle
  • XXX Luke's Bundle- Continued
  • XXXI Tell the Truth
  • XXXII Jet
  • XXXIII Clothes
  • XXXIV Little Things
  • XXXV Pope Sixtus Fifth
  • XXXVI An Evening Prayer
  • XXXVII The Frozen Hands
  • XXXVIII The Frozen Hands- Continued
  • XXXIX How to Learn
  • XL Strange Fishes
  • XLI The Spider
  • XLII The Shining Web
  • XLIII The Seasons- Spring and Summer
  • XLIV The Fox
  • XLV What Louise Heard
  • XLVI Little Joseph's Letter
  • XLVII Little Joseph's Letter- Continued
  • XLVIII Little Joseph's Letter- Continued
  • XLIX The Seasons- Autumn and Winter
  • L The Sewing Lesson
  • LI A Shipwreck
  • LII The Hard Lesson
  • LIII Animals and Their Use
  • LIV A Mother's Love
  • LV A Mother's Love- Continued
  • LVI Wheat
  • LVII Margaret to Her Brother Fred
  • LVIII What a Child Has
  • LIX The Hen
  • LX The Prairie-Dog
  • LXI The Cherry Festival
  • LXII Rosy
  • LXIII Fred to His Sister Margaret
  • LXIV Australian Sights
  • LXV "Stupid"
  • LXVI "Stupid"- Continued

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