Catholic National Reader: Book Three

by Rt. Rev. Richard Gilmour Author

(From Amazon): This hard bound series is a classic seven volume set filled with many Catholic stories for children of all ages. Used in our curriculum from grades 1b through 8, you will find beautiful essays, extracts of various kinds, including poetry and other dramatic selections. Also included are phonics, accents, calligraphy, language exercises, quizzes, illustrations, etc. Great stories, great pictures, great books! Sewn, cloth hardcover, with gold embossing, this set will be a valuable addition to any Catholic library.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
3rd - 3rd
Lepanto Press


  • I Grace's Servants
  • II What the Winds Bring
  • III The Plays of Animals
  • IV Our Dumb Friends
  • V A Mexican Legend
  • VI A Mexican Legend- Continued
  • VII Cotton
  • VIII One Good Turn Deserves Another
  • IX One Good Turn Deserves Another- Continued
  • X The Sunflower's Lesson
  • XI The Lion
  • XII Maize, or Indian Corn
  • XIII The Cardinal's Lodger
  • XIV The Chicken's Mistake
  • XV The Opossum
  • XVI Father Cochin's Miracle
  • XVII How the Tower was Saved
  • XVIII The Prize Winner
  • XIX The Legend of St. Christopher
  • XX A Daughter to be Proud Of
  • XXI A Daughter to be Proud Of- Continued
  • XXII The Elephant
  • XXIII The Boy Who Helps his Mother
  • XXIV St. Elizabeth
  • XXV The Potato
  • XXVI A Noble Three
  • XXVII The Beaver
  • XXVIII Brave Kate
  • XXIX Sugar
  • XXX A Letter from Agnes
  • XXXI In the Orphan Home
  • XXXII Our Lady's Flower Society
  • XXXIII The Wolf
  • XXXIV The Crib
  • XXXV The Sparrow
  • XXXVI The Little Light
  • XXXVII Jack's Wood Pile
  • XXXVIII Jack's Wood Pile- Continued
  • XXXIX St. Germaine Cousin
  • XL The Camel
  • XLI The Camel's Nose
  • XLII Faithful in Little Things
  • XLIII Faithful in Little Things- Continued
  • XLIV Salt
  • XLV Little Christel
  • XLVI Florence
  • XLVII The Hero of Johnstown
  • XLVIII The Humming-bird
  • XLIX Sara's Answer
  • L Columbus
  • LI Loveliness
  • LII Coal
  • LIII The Reindeer and the Esquimau Dog
  • LIV The Lost Ring
  • LV The King's Daughters
  • LVI Saint Peter Claver
  • LVII Applying for a Situation
  • LVIII The Blacksmith's Apron
  • LIX A Nursery Tale
  • LX An Answer to Maurice Fields' Letter
  • LXI Seeds
  • LXII The Child in the Midst
  • LXIII A Generous Convict
  • LXIV The Bamboo
  • LXV Some Wonders of the Sea
  • LXVI Come To Me, O Ye Children
  • LXVII A Mule Ride in the Andes
  • LXVIII Flowers
  • LXIX The Hand
  • LXX The Water-mill
  • LXXI Lucy Gray; or, Solitude

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