The Creed in Slow Motion

by Ronald Knox Author

(From Amazon): During the WWII bombing of London, Ronald Knox--a priest, radio personality, detective novelist, scholar, and Catholic convert--found himself the chaplain of a girls' school where students were being sheltered. When his existing homilies were exhausted, Knox began to write new ones for his students based on the Apostles' Creed. The homilies were so well-received that they were later published as The Creed in Slow Motion. With resurgent interest in the life and writings of Knox, as well as forthcoming changes to the English translation of the Creed, the new edition of this classic could not be more timely.

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  • Foreward by Rev. Milton Walsh
  • 1 I Believe in God (1)
  • 2 I Believe in God (2)
  • 3 The Father Almighty
  • 4 Maker of Heaven and Earth
  • 5 And in Jesus Christ
  • 6 His Only Son
  • 7 Our Lord
  • 8 Conceived by the Holy Ghost, Born of the Virgin Mary
  • 9 He Suffered
  • 10 Under Pontius Pilate
  • 11 Was Crucified
  • 12 Dead and Buried
  • 13 Descendit ad Inferos
  • 14 The Third Day He Rose Again from the Dead
  • 15 He Ascended into Heaven, Sitteth at the Right Hand of God
  • 16 From Thence He Shall Come to Judge the Living and the Dead
  • 17 I Believe in the Holy Ghost (1)
  • 18 I Believe in the Holy Ghost (2)
  • 19 I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church (1)
  • 20 I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church (2)
  • 21 I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church (3)
  • 22 I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church (4)
  • 23 The Communion of Saints (1)
  • 24 The Communion of Saints (2)
  • 25 The Forgiveness of Sins (1)
  • 26 The Forgiveness of Sins (2)
  • 27 I Believe in the Resurrection of the Body, and the Life Everlasting
  • Editor's Notes

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