The Bible as History: Second Revised Edition

by Werner Keller Author

(From Amazon): This groundbreaking work that sheds light on the historical foundations of the bestselling book of all time—the Bible—is now back in print.Have you ever wondered about the Bible’s fascinating history or the scientific and historical studies that have been conducted to support its numerous accounts? The groundbreaking text on biblical investigation, The Bible as History, now back in print, explains scientific and archaeological breakthroughs with fascinating descriptions of excavations and analysis of ancient texts.This edition features: Remarkable evidence that confirms some of the most monumental and controversial events in the Bible, including the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. Deciphered texts from the ancient world that offer an intriguing look back at the origin of the Ten Commandments. The extraordinary techniques used to try to prove the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.  …and more!A classic text and breathtaking journey to the heart of Holy Scripture, The Bible as History pieces together one of the most stunning spiritual puzzles in the history of mankind.

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9th - 10th
William Morrow Paperbacks
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  • Introduction to the Revised Edition
  • Introduction
  • 1 In the "Fertile Crescent"
  • 2 Ur of the Chaldees
  • 3 Digging Up the Flood
  • 4 A Flood-Story from Old Babylonia
  • 5 Abraham Lived in the Kingdom of Mari
  • 6 A Long Journey to Canaan
  • 7 Abraham and Lot in the Land of Purple
  • 8 Joseph in Egypt
  • 9 Four Hundred Years' Silence
  • 10 Forced Labour in Pithom and Raamses
  • 11 On the Road to Sinai
  • 12 At the Mountain of Moses
  • 13 Under Desert Skies
  • 14 On the Threshold of the Promised Land
  • 15 Israel Invades
  • 16 Under Deborah and Gideon
  • 17 The Warriors from Caphtor
  • 18 Under the Yoke of the Philistines
  • 19 David, A Great King
  • 20 Was Solomon A "Copper-King"?
  • 21 The Queen of Sheba as a Business Partner
  • 22 Israel's Colourful Daily Life
  • 23 The Shadow of a New World Power
  • 24 The End of the Northern Kingdom
  • 25 Judah Under the Yoke of Assyria
  • 26 The Seductive Religions of Canaan
  • 27 The End of Nineveh as a World Power
  • 28 The Last Days of Judah
  • 29 Education Through Exile
  • 30 Sunset in the Ancient Orient
  • 31 Cyrus King of Persia
  • 32 Return to Jerusalem
  • 33 Under Greek Influence
  • 34 The Battle for Religious Liberty
  • 35 Palestine on Mare Nostrum
  • 36 The Star of Bethlehem
  • 37 Nazareth in Galilee
  • 38 John the Baptist
  • 39 The Last Journey, Trail, and Crucifixion
  • 40 The Turin Shroud
  • 41 In the Steps of St. Paul
  • 42 The Destruction of Jerusalem
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Rebuilding with the Help of the Bible
  • Postscript to the Revised Edition by Joachim Rehork
  • Bibliography
  • General Index

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