Poetry Book One: The Old English and Medieval Periods

by Memoria Press Author

(From Amazon): Did you ever wish you didn't have to sort through all the thousands of poems that have been written over the years to find the best of the best? Cheryl Lowe has done the work for you in these new anthologies, including three volumes of British poetry and one volume of American poetry and short stories from the 19th-20th Centuries. These anthologies will be a great supplement to your student's literature studies in these time periods.

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  • From the Anglo-Saxon Invasion to the Norman Conquest 449-1066
  • Introduction: Warrior and Priest
  • The Literature of the Warrior: Epic, Elegy, and Riddle
  • 1 The Seafarer
  • 2 The Wanderer
  • 3 Riddles
  • 4 The Battle of Brunanburgh
  • 5 from Andreas: A Legend of St. Andrew
  • St. Andrew Goes Down to the Sea
  • A Storm at Sea
  • Andrew Tells How Christ Stilled the Tempest
  • The Version of Andrew's Disciples
  • St. Andrew's Miracles
  • The Literature of the Priest: History, Lyric, and Dream
  • 1 Bede, from Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation
  • Preface
  • Bede's Description of Britain and Ireland
  • The Coming of the English
  • A Victory for the Britons
  • The Sending of Augustine
  • The Arrival of Augustine
  • Augustine's Manner of Life
  • Pope Gregory Sends More Laborers
  • King Edwin of Northumbria Embraces Christianity
  • The Baptism of King Edwin
  • 2 Cuthbert's Letter on the Death of Bede
  • 3 Caedmon's Hymn
  • 4 The Dream of the Rood
  • From the Norman Conquest to the Accession of the Tudors 1066-1485
  • Introduction: Knight, Priest, and Commoner
  • The Literature of the Medieval Church and its People: Allegory, Lyric, and Drama
  • 1 from A Bestiary
  • The Lion
  • The Phoenix
  • The Whale
  • The Turtle-Dove
  • 2 Gaudeamus Igitur
  • 3 Everyman
  • The Literature of the Common People: Popular Ballads and Arthurian Romance
  • 1 Sir Patrick Spens
  • 2 Robin Hood and Little John
  • 3 Robin Hood and Allin a Dale
  • 4 Robin Hood's Death and Burial
  • 5 from Le Morte d'Arthur, Vol 2, Book 21
  • Chapter 1: How Sir Mordred presumed and took on him to be King of England, and would have married the queen, his father's wife
  • Chapter 2: How after that King Arthur had tidings, he returned and came to Dover, where Sir Mordred met him to let his landing; and the death of Sir Gawaine
  • Chapter 3: How after, Sir Gawaine's ghost appeared to King Arthur, and warned him that he should not fight that day
  • Chapter 4: How by misadventure of an adder the battle began, where Mordred was slain and Arthur hurt to the death
  • Chapter 5: How King Arthur commanded to cast his sword Excalibur into the water, and how he was delivered to ladies in a barge
  • Chapter 6: How Sir Bedivere found him on the morrow dead in an hermitage, and how he abode there with the hermit
  • Chapter 7: Of the opinion of some men of the death of King Arthur; and how Queen Guenever made her a nun in Almesbury

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