The White and the Gold

by Thomas B. Costain Author

The French Regime in Canada.


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10th - 12th
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1490 - 1707
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  • 1 John Cabot Speaks to a King- and Discovers a Continent
  • 2 Before and after Cabot
  • 3 Jacques Cartier Discovers Canada
  • 4 The Kingdom of Saguenay- Stadacona and Hochelaga
  • 5 The Feud between Cartier and Roberval
  • 6 Samuel de Champlain, the Founder of New France
  • 7 Champlain at Quebec
  • 8 Champlain, Organizer, Diplomat, Explorer, and Indian Fighter
  • 9 A View of Quebec in the First Days-Louis Hebert-Chaplain's Romance
  • 10 The Coming of the Jesuits-The Formation of the Company of a Hundred Associates
  • 11 The Start of the Long Wars with the English
  • 12 Three Resolute Women and the Parts They Played-Madame de la Peltire-Marie de L'Incarnation-Jeanne Mance
  • 13 The Story of Ville Marie and How it Came into Existence
  • 14 The Start of the Wars with the Iroquois - An Ineffectual Peace-The Tragic Story of Isaac Jogues
  • 15 The Destruction of the Huron Nation-The Jesuit Martyrs
  • 16 Richelieu Dies and Mazarin Takes His Place- A Troublesome Period Is Reached in the Affairs of New France-A Strange Feud in Acadia
  • 17 The Iroquois Gain the Upper Hand- The Mission to the Onondagas
  • 18 An Uneasy Peace- Charles le Moyne and the Beginning of a Great Family - Jeanne Mance Takes Matters into Her Own Hands
  • 19 Adam Dollard and His Magnificent Stand at the Long Sault
  • 20 The Transfer of Montreal Island to the Sulpicians- The Appointment of Bishop Laval Leads to Clerical War and Begins a Great Chapter in Canadian History
  • 21 Mazarin Dies and Louis XIV Decides to Rule for Himself-Colbert Becomes His First Minister- A Great Plan for Canada
  • 22 The Grand Plan Comes to a Head with the Arrival in Canada of the Cariganan-Saliere Regiment and the Defeat of the Iroquois
  • 23 A Great Man Comes to Canada Who is Neither Solider, Missionary, nor Explorer- Jean Talon, the Able Intendant, Who Introduces the Elements of Normality
  • 24 The King Becomes the Paternal Tyrant of Canada, Making Regulations for Every Phase of Life- The King's Girls- Rigid Police Restrictions
  • 25 The Conflict over the Fur Trade- The Coureurs de Bois- The Annual Fair at Montreal- Opening up the West- Du Lhut and Nicholas Perrot
  • 26 Radisson and Groseilliers Leave New France and Go to England- The Formation of the Hudson's Bay Company- Forts are Established on the Bay
  • 27 The Divided Loyalties of Raisson and Groseilliers- The Policy of the Hudson's Bay Company and Its Great Success
  • 28 Frontenac, the Great Governor, Is Appointed- His Early Life- His Character
  • 29 Frontenac Takes Matters into His Own Hands- The Breaking of All Records in Building Fort Cararaqui-The Raising of the White Flag
  • 30 La Salle, the Greatest of Explorers-Marquette and Joliet Discover the Mississippi- La Salle's Only Friend, the Man with the Iron Hand
  • 31 The Building of the Griffin-La Salle's Creditors Seize All His Assets- The Tracing of the Mississippi to Its Mouth
  • 32 The Seigneurial System Creates an Atmosphere of Romance- The Rise of the Seigneurial Class- La Durantaye- The Fabulous Le Moynes
  • 33 Frontenac Places the Governor of Montreal under Arrest- He Becomes Involved in Feuds with His Fellow Officers- His Recall by the King
  • 34 The Mistakes of Frontenac's Successor- The Death of Colbert- La Barre is Recalled- Meules Makes a New Kind of Money
  • 35 La Salle Embarks on a Wild Adventure- A Colony is Founded by Mistake in Texas- His Death at the Hands of Mutinous Followers
  • 36 The Duel between Denonville and Dongan- AN Act of Treachery Makes War with the Iroquois Inevitable- The French Seize English Forts in Hudson's Bay- Denonville Lays the Seneca Country Waste
  • 37 The Grim Story of Iroquois Revenge- The Massacre at Lachine- Denonville's Weakness
  • 38 The Beginning of the English Wars- Four Titans and a Heroine

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