The World of Plants (God's Design for Life)

by Debbie Lawrence Author

(From Amazon): Elementary and middle schoolers will love the exciting, easy-to-understand, and easily taught lessons in the God's Design textbooks by Debbie and Richard Lawrence. All twelve books in the God's Design series are very comprehensive, richly illustrated, and cover material that is often left out of other curricula. You'll love the flexibility of this popular series, which is designed to be used with students ranging from first through eighth grade ... all at the same time! Best of all, God's Design textbooks help you teach science from a biblical, creationist perspective, emphasizing God's handiwork in the world around us. Using the God's Design curriculum from AiG will help strengthen your student's faith by showing how science consistently supports the Bible's written record. Students will learn to think critically and logically examine arguments presented by all sides in the creation/evolution debate.In "The World of Plants" reveals to your child how God specially designed the plants around us. See God's hand as you study seeds, leaves, and flowers and explore meat-eating plants, fungi, algae, and more.Also by Richard Lawrence: "Fatal Transaction" - A fast paced high-tech Christian thriller (rated 4.6/5) On Amazon

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Suggested Grades
1st - 8th
Answers in Genesis


  • 1 Is it Alive?
  • 2 What is a Kingdom?
  • 3 Classification System
  • Special Feature Carl Linnaeus
  • 4 Plant and Animal Cells
  • Special Feature Cells
  • 5 Flowering Plants
  • 6 Grasses
  • 7 Trees
  • Special Feature Redwoods
  • 8 Seeds
  • 9 Monocots & Dicots
  • 10 Seeds- Where are they?
  • Special Feature George Washington Carver
  • 11 Roots
  • 12 Special Roots
  • 13 Stems
  • 14 Stem Structure
  • 15 Stem Growth
  • 16 Photosynthesis
  • 17 Arrangement of Leaves
  • 18 Leaves- Shape and Design
  • 19 Changing Colors
  • 20 Tree Identification- Final Project
  • 21 Flowers
  • 22 Pollination
  • Special Feature Pierre- Joseph Redoute
  • 23 Flower Dissection
  • Special Feature A Rose By Any Other Name
  • 24 Fruits
  • 25 Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials
  • 26 Meat-eating Plants
  • 27 Parasites & Passengers
  • 28 Tropisms
  • 29 Survival Techniques
  • 30 Reproduction Without Seeds
  • 31 Ferns
  • 32 Mosses
  • 33 Algae
  • 34 Fungi
  • 35 Conclusion

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