Ultimate Sticker Book: Ancient Rome (Ultimate Sticker Books)

by DK Author

(From Amazon): A colorful sticker book with more than 250 reusable stickers filled with fun activities and amazing facts for eager and creative young readers.Take a trip back in time and meet the gods, goddesses, and people of Ancient Rome in Ultimate Sticker Book: Ancient Rome.With information about the dangers and excitement of ancient Roman life, including how soldiers fought in the Colosseum and what would have been on the table at a banquet, this sticker book is packed with amazing photographs, cool facts, and fun activities, and includes more than 250 reusable stickers. Kids can create their own scene, complete a picture jigsaw puzzle, test their knowledge with a fun sticker quiz, and much more.Ultimate Sticker Book: Ancient Rome is perfect for young historians and is sure to keep them busy for hours.Series Overview: Taking subjects that kids love, from dinosaurs to baby animals to transportation, DK's Ultimate Sticker Book series is refreshed and updated and now features more than 250 fun, reusable stickers. Packed with activities that allow children to create scenes, match pairs, and complete jigsaws, the activities throughout each book are simple enough for the child to do independently but engaging enough to keep their interest and help develop dexterity, making these books products that parents can trust, and ones that kids will want to keep picking up to learn more about their favorite subjects.


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  • 1 Welcome to Rome
  • 2 Roman Ruins
  • 3 Roman Officer
  • 4 gods and goddesses
  • 5 Roman Rulers
  • 6 Roman Banquet
  • 7 Gladiator Games
  • 8 Sticker Quiz

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