Writing & Rhetoric Book 7: Encomium & Vituperation Program

by Paul Kortepeter Author

Writing & Rhetoric Book 7: Encomium & Vituperation Student Edition continues the development of the art of persuasive writing and oration. In addition to guiding students through the writing of their own essays of praise and criticism, this book also leads your students step by step through a research project about a fascinating person. While students are learning about a remarkable life, they will also be learning how to learn. This research is achievable and the natural next step as students gain the skills of reading a variety of texts on a research subject, taking notes, creating an essay from these notes, and citing their sources. In addition to practicing skills they learned in earlier books, students will learn to: Discern the main idea Use hyperbole and thesis Incorporate background and supportive detail Understand the difference between the genres of biography and autobiography Note the good and poor qualities present in a person or event Contrast different behaviors after weighing their merits Craft effective conclusions that encourage readers either to emulate or avoid specific behaviors Learn to write a research paper in all its parts, including making notecards, outlining, integrating sources, and citing sources

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6th - 7th
Classical Academic Press


  • 1 Lesson 1
  • 2 Lesson 2
  • 3 Lesson 3
  • 4 Lesson 4
  • 5 Lesson 5
  • 6 Lesson 6
  • 7 Lesson 7
  • 8 Lesson 8
  • 9 Lesson 9
  • 10 Lesson 10
  • 11 Lesson 11
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  • 14 Lesson 14

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