Poppy (Tales from Dimwood Forest)

by Avi Author

(From Amazon): Boston Globe-Horn Book Award Winner * ALA Notable Book * ALA Booklist Editors’ Choice * School Library Journal Best Book“This exciting story is richly visual. The underlying messages, to challenge unjust authority and to rely on logic and belief in oneself, are palatably blended with action and suspense.” — School Library JournalIn the second book in the Tales of Dimwood Forest by Newbery Medal-winning author Avi, a tiny deer mouse named Poppy dares to stand up to a tyrannical owl.  The story is accompanied by inviting illustrations from Caldecott Medal-winning artist Brian Floca.Poppy knew she was taking a risk following her beloved Ragweed to Bannock Hill, but a night of dancing with the handsome golden mouse was just too tempting. So when Ragweed is scooped up by the sinister owl, Mr. Ocax, who rules over Dimwood forest, she’s devastated. Her whole life she was warned of Mr. Ocax’s evil ways…how could she have been so foolish to put herself and Ragweed at risk?To make matters worse, when Poppy attempts to move with her family to a different part of the woods where the food supply is richer, Mr. Ocax refuses to let them go. Despite what she’s been led to believe for years, Mr. Ocax is not as strong as he wants the mice to think he is. Armed with the bravery, gumption, and wit of a hero, Poppy embarks on a dangerous quest—joined by the irascible but lovable porcupine, Ereth—to defeat Mr. Ocax and lead her family to a better home. A perennially popular story of courage and determination, Poppy is a fixture on state award lists and in classrooms across the country.


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In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 6th


  • 1 Mr. Ocax
  • 2 Poppy Remembers
  • 3 Poppy Alone
  • 4 The Emergency Meeting
  • 5 Leaving Gray House
  • 6 Standing Before Mr. Ocax
  • 7 Home Again
  • 8 Poppy and Papa
  • 9 On Her Way
  • 10 Dimwood Forest
  • 11 Erethizon Dorsatum
  • 12 What Poppy Learns
  • 13 Early Morning
  • 14 On the Way to a New House
  • 15 Alone Again
  • 16 The Truth at Last
  • 17 A Surprising Conversation
  • 18 The Battle
  • 19 The Return
  • 20 A New Beginning

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