The Heart of Humility: Teaching Kids to Put Others First: A family study of Philippians 2

by Luke Gilkerson Author

(From Amazon): The Heart of Humility is a 30-lesson family devotional that helps your children understand the importance of putting others first. Focusing on Philippians 2:1-18, the study unearths a dozen biblical motivations for why we should strive to be humble. Most importantly, the study focused on the ultimate example of humility by studying the incarnation and death of Jesus Christ. Each Lesson Includes: • An opening thought to prepare your kids for the lesson • A Scripture reading • An explanation of that passage in simple terms • Discussion questions • A prayer What Others are Saying: "I can honestly say that they have a profound gift for taking a verse and/or concept and putting it into terms that make it easy to understand… The Heart of Humility is a great family focused study that could really benefit your whole family." – Sarah at Simple Life Abundant Life "I had heard nothing but good things about the devotional. And I have not been disappointed… Each lesson is right at the perfect level for both of my children… the text goes deep enough for my 8 year old, so he doesn’t end up bored and isn’t over the head of my 4 year old. And, in all honesty, mommy and daddy have found themselves convicted of heart attitudes multiple times…" – Corah at The Homespun Rabble Rouser "He does a wonderful job of giving simple, yet accurate explanations of what is being studied. And the questions at the end of each day are thought provoking, open-ended questions—not silly, pointless, “Sunday School” answer questions." – Annette at In All You Do


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  • 1 Meet the Philippians
  • 2 Meet Paul
  • 3 The Problem in Philippi: Disunity
  • 4 The Solution: Humility
  • 5 Obstacles to Humility: Selfishness
  • 6 The Fruit of Selfishness: Grumbling & Disputing
  • 7 The Fruit of Humility: Oneness
  • 8 Review: The Importance of Humility
  • 9 Motivation for Humility: Encouragement in Christ
  • 10 Motivation for Humility: Comfort and Love
  • 11 Motivation for Humility: Participation in the Spirit
  • 12 Motivation for Humility: Affection & Sympathy
  • 13 Motivation for Humility: The Joy of Others
  • 14 Review: 5 Motivations for Humility
  • 15 The Example of Humility: Jesus, the One We Worship
  • 16 The Example of Humility: Jesus, the One Who Let Go
  • 17 The Example of Humility: Jesus, the True Man
  • 18 The Example of Humility: Jesus the Servant
  • 19 The Example of Humility: Jesus, Who Obeyed to the End
  • 20 The Example of Humility: Jesus, Who Died for Our Sins
  • 21 The Example of Humility: Jesus, the Exalted One
  • 22 Review: The Example of Christ
  • 23 Motivation for Humility: We are Saved from Sin
  • 24 Motivation for Humility: God is at Work Among Us
  • 25 Motivation for Humility: Pleasing God
  • 26 Motivation for Humility: Being Blameless Witnesses
  • 27 Motivation for Humility: The Word of Life
  • 28 Motivation for Humility: The Day of Christ
  • 29 Motivation for Humility: The Example of Our Teachers
  • 30 Review: 7 More Motivations for Humility

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