The travels of birds: our birds and their journeys to strange lands

by Frank M. Chapman Author

Chapman's 'The Travels of Birds. '•-- Dr. Chapman's latest contribution to popular ornithology is a little text book on bird migration entitled ' The Travels of Birds,' illustrated by text cuts by E. J. Sawyer. The twelve chapters bear the following headings which indicate pretty clea. rly the subjects which are considered: 'Birds as Travellers ';. ' Preparing for the Journey'; 'First Flights '; 'The Bird's Air Line'; 'The Bird's Time-table '; ' The Day Flyers '; ' The Night Flyers '; ' The Travels of the Bobolink '; ' Some Famous Bird Travellers '; ' The Dangers on the Way'; 'The Bird's Compass'; 'Why Birds Travel.' The style is clear and devoid of all technicalities while the information presented is based upon the author's wide experience and upon the writings of other ornithologists, notably those of the late Wells W. Cooke, to whose memory the little volume is appropriately dedicated. Each chapter concludes with a series of questions bearing upon the subject just considered, entitled ' Suggestions for Study.' The bbok will form an admirable one for nature study classes in schools or elsewhere, and will give the general reader a clear, 'up to date' knowledge of one of the most interesting phenomena of bird life.-- W. S. <>

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  • 1 Birds as Travelers (p.1-7)
  • 2 Preparing for the Journey (p.8-18)
  • 3 First Flights (p.19-30)
  • 4 The Birds' Air Line (p.31-46)
  • 5 The Birds' Time Table (p.47-63)
  • 6 The Day Flyers (p.64-75)
  • 7 The Night Flyers (p.76-87)
  • 8 The Travels of the Bobolink (p.88-100)
  • 9 Some Famous Bird Travelers (p.101-114)
  • 10 The Dangers By the Way: A Chapter of Accidents (p.115-132)
  • 11 The Birds' Compass (p.133-147)
  • 12 Why Birds Travel (p.148-158)

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