Skills for Rhetoric (Student)

by James P. Stobaugh Author

(From Amazon): Helps high school students develop the skills necessary to communicate more powerfully through writing and to articulate their thoughts clearly. Develop creative writing skills including descriptive writing, poetry, and short stories. Cultivate the use of expository writing including research papers, analytical essays, problem-solution writing, and firsthand accounts. Learn the art of public speaking, including persuasive speeches, informative speeches, debates, and more. Rhetoric is the ancient skill of persuasive speech used by teachers, preachers, politicians, and others to influence, incite, and instruct. This course includes basic grammar and writing composition, and mastering this time-honored skill will set your students apart with distinguished written and oral abilities. This 34-week, critical-thinking course will take the student through the writing of numerous academic essays, several public speaking presentations, and an extensive research paper. Dr. Stobaugh weaves biblical concepts, readings, and applications throughout the curriculum to help equip students to stand firm in their faith and become the light of Christ in a deteriorating culture.


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6th - 8th
Master Books
Student Guide ed.


  • 1 Writing Task: Overview Part 1
  • 2 Writing Task: Overview Part 2
  • 3 Writing Task: Eyewitness Account
  • 4 Writing Skill: Firsthand Experience
  • 5 Writing Skill: Descriptive Essay
  • 6 Writing Skill: Descriptive vs. Coercive Essay
  • 7 Writing Skill: Persuasive Advertisement Essay
  • 8 Writing Skill: Summary Report
  • 9 Writing Skill: Precis
  • 10 Writing Skill: The Character Profile
  • 11 The General Analysis Essay
  • 12 The General Synthesis Essay
  • 13 Literary Analysis
  • 14 Evaluation Essary
  • 15 The Cause/Effect Essay
  • 16 The Comparison/Contrast Essay
  • 17 The Problem/Solution Essary
  • 18 The Definition Essary
  • 19 The Explanatory Essary
  • 20 Fact, Inference, and Opinion
  • 21 Historical Profile
  • 22 Writing the Research Paper
  • 23 Research Paper: prewriting
  • 24 Research Paper: Thesis Statement
  • 25 Research Paper: Preliminary Bibliography and Works Cited Page
  • 26 Research Paper: Taking Notes (Part 1)
  • 27 Research Paper: Taking Notes (Part 2) and Preliminary Outline
  • 28 Research Paper: Designing a Working Plan
  • 29 Research Paper: The Introduction Part 1
  • 30 Research Paper: The Introduction Part 2
  • 31 Research Paper: The Body Part 1
  • 32 Research Paper: The Body Part 2
  • 33 Research Paper: The Conclusion
  • 34 Research Paper: Rewriting and Submission

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