Song School Spanish - Student Book (Classical Academic Press) (Spanish Edition)

by Julia Kraut Author

(From Amazon): Now there is a Spanish program suited to the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of your primary (K-3rd) students! Song School Spanish is patterned after our best-selling Song School Latin curriculum and features thirty weekly lessons peppered with songs, enjoyable vocabulary, illustrations, handwriting practice, stories, games, and activities. A small amount of grammar is introduced mildly throughout the book, with the focus on relevant, everyday vocabulary to engage young students. Each book contains a lively musical CD featuring forty-two songs/chants - a delightful part of the program that reinforces the Spanish taught in the book. Students who learn from Song School Spanish will be more than prepared to continue their studies with the Spanish for Children series. Grade level: Kindergarten through 3rd grade Accompanying childrens music CD (42 songs) bound in to each student text Interactive workbook text with lots of activities 30 weekly lessons including review chapters 100+ everyday vocabulary words Gentle introduction to Spanish grammar The Song School Spanish Teachers Edition is sold separately and includes the entire Song School Spanish student text as well as answer keys, teachers tips, and fun ideas for interactive classroom activities. It also includes over forty pages (plus answer keys) of additional activities and worksheets for advanced students or those who simply want more Spanish study.Classical Academic Press Educators will find all curricula by Classical Academic Press to be created with four important attributes. Each product is classical, creative, relevant, and easy to use. As our company name implies, you will find that we publish classical books and media, seeking to acquaint students with the best that has been thought and said. We also design and present our products with creativity and zest, from beautiful illustrations to engaging storytelling, ensuring that the classical subjects being taught are anything but boring. Areas we publish in include: -Latin -Ancient Greek -Logic -Bible, Old & New Testament -The Art Of Poetry -Spanish -Classical Education Resources


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Resource Type
Print Status
In Print
Suggested Grades
1st - 6th
Classical Academic Press
Pap/Com St


  • 1 Greeting Words
  • 2 Making Friends
  • 3 How Are You?
  • 4 Review
  • 5 Family
  • 6 People
  • 7 In the Classroom
  • 8 La Casa
  • 9 Who and What
  • 10 Review
  • 11 Classroom Commands
  • 12 More Classroom Commands
  • 13 Manners
  • 14 Review
  • 15 Pets
  • 16 Animals
  • 17 Colors
  • 18 My Pets
  • 19 Numbers
  • 20 Review
  • 21 The Body
  • 22 The Face
  • 23 Food
  • 24 More Food
  • 25 Review
  • 26 Time to Eat
  • 27 Weather
  • 28 Seasons
  • 29 All Day
  • 30 Greetings All Day Long
  • 31 Review

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