Native American Animal Stories

by Joseph Bruchac III Author

(From Amazon): The Papago Indians of the American Southwest say butterflies were created to gladden the hearts of children and chase away thoughts of aging and death. How the Butterflies Came to Be is one of twenty-four Native American tales included in Native American Animal Stories. The stories, coming from Mohawk, Hopi, Yaqui, Haida and other cultures, demonstrate the power of animals in Native American traditions.Parents, teachers and children will delight in lovingly told stories about "our relations, the animals." The stories come to life through magical illustrations by Mohawk artists John Kahionhes Fadden and David Fadden."The stories in this book present some of the basic perspectives that Native North American parents, aunts and uncles use to teach the young. They are phrased in terms that modern youngsters can understand and appreciate ... They enable us to understand that while birds and animals appear to be similar in thought processes to humans, that is simply the way we represent them in our stories. But other creatures do have thought processes, emotions, personal relationships...We must carefully ccord these other creatures the respect that they deserve and the right to live without unnecessary harm. Wanton killings of different animals by some hunters and sportsmen are completely outside the traditional way that native people have treated other species, and if these stories can help develop in young people a strong sense of the wonder of other forms of life, this sharing of Native North American knowledge will certainly have been worth the effort." —excerpt from the forward by Vine Deloria, Jr.These stories first appeared in Keepers of the Animals: Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac


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  • 1 Silver Fox and Coyote Create Earth
  • 2 How the People Hunted the Moose
  • 3 How Grandmother Spider Named the Clans
  • 4 How the Spider Symbol Came to the People
  • 5 The Rabbit Dance
  • 6 The Deer Dance
  • 7 Eagle Boy
  • 8 Turtle Races with Beaver
  • 9 Octopus and Raven
  • 10 How the Butterflies Came to Be
  • 11 Salmon Boy
  • 12 The Woman Who Married a Frog
  • 13 How Poison Came Into the World
  • 14 The Boy and the Rattlesnake
  • 15 The First Flute
  • 16 Manabozho and the Woodpecker
  • 17 Why Coyote Has Yellow Eyes
  • 18 The Dogs Who Saved Their Master
  • 19 Why Possum Has a Naked Tail
  • 20 How the Fawn Got Its Spots
  • 21 The Alligator and the Hunter
  • 22 The Gift of the Whale
  • 23 The Passing of the Buffalo
  • 24 The Lake of the Wounded

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