The Young Children's Encyclopedia (Volume 1)

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(From Amazon): For much of its history, children's literature has been overlooked or looked down on by scholars. But in recent years children's literature has assumed greater importance, as literary critics, psychologists, anthropologists, and historians have begun to discover what children and parents have known for centuries: that this is a literature of extraordinary richness, depth, and delight. The Encyclopedia captures and elucidates this richness in four volumes and 3,200 signed entries. It offers comprehensive coverage of children's literature, from medieval chapbooks of moral instruction for children to J. K. Rowling's immensely popular Harry Potter books. Unlike other references, the Encyclopedia not only documents but also interprets every work, major and minor, that has played a role in the history of children's literature in the world. General essays illuminate prominent trends, themes, genres, and the traditions of children's literature in many countries. In addition, the Encyclopedia provides biographies of important writers, as well as extensive coverage of illustrators with numerous examples of their work. Sociocultural developments such as the impact of toys, films, animation, the Internet, literacy, libraries and librarians, censorship, the multicultural expansion of the field, and other issues related to the appreciation and dissemination of children's literature are also addressed.


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  • 1 Aesop - The Man Who Told Animal Stories p.8-11
  • 2 Africa - Africa Goest to School p.12-15
  • 3 Africa - Amos Wins the Big Race p.16-19
  • 4 Africa - More About Africa p.20-23
  • 5 Age - Birthday Wishes p.24-25
  • 6 Age - How Many Birthdays? p.26-29
  • 7 Air - What Is It? p.30-33
  • 8 Air - Dirty Air p.34-35
  • 9 Air - More About Air p.36-37
  • 10 Airplanes - Before There Were Planes p.38-45
  • 11 Airplanes - The Airplane That Wouldn't Stay Down p.46-49
  • 12 Aklavik - Where Am I? p.50-51
  • 13 Alcott, Louisa May - Tales of Happy Families p.52-53
  • 14 Alexander the Great- The Boy Who Conquered a Horse p.54-55
  • 15 Alike and Different - Too Short, Too Tall, Too Fat, Too Thin p.56-59
  • 16 Alone - Looking for a Hideout p.60-65
  • 17 Amazon - Exploring the Amazon River p.66-71
  • 18 Amazon - More About the Amazon p.72-73
  • 19 Animals - Can You See It? p.74-79
  • 20 Animals - The Special Long Sleep p.80-83
  • 21 Animals - A Tale About Tales p.84-87
  • 22 Animals - How to Catch a Giraffe p.88-91
  • 23 Animals - Animal Partners p.92-97
  • 24 Anthony, Susan B. - Women: Their Rights and Nothing Less p.98-99
  • 25 Ants - Insect Castle Builders p.100-105
  • 26 Appetites - Funny Foods, Or Are They? p.106-107
  • 27 Aquanauts - Living Under the Water p.108-113
  • 28 Aquanauts - Underwater Treasure p.114-117
  • 29 Armor - Sir Manfred's Fall p.118-119
  • 30 Art - See What I Made p.120-125
  • 31 Art - Paint Something Different Today p.126-131
  • 32 Astronauts - Doing the Job p.132-137
  • 33 Astronauts - A Walk in Space p.138-141
  • 34 Astronauts - More About Astronauts p.142-143
  • 35 Athens - Where Am I? p.144-145
  • 36 Atlas - How Atlas Gave the World Away p.146-147
  • 37 Attila the Hun - Warrior on Horseback p.150-151
  • 38 Australia - Where Am I? p.152-153
  • 39 Automobiles - Before There Were Automobiles p.154-159

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