The Child's Story Bible [SCM]

by Catherine F. Vos Author

Excellent telling of Bible accounts. Includes details many Bible story books omit.

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Suggested Grades
1st - 3rd
Geographical Setting
Israel, Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Palestine


  • OT-1 In the Beginning God
  • OT-2 How the World Began
  • OT-3 The First Man, Adam
  • OT-4 The First Woman, Eve
  • OT-5 Adam and Eve Disobey God
  • OT-6 The Terrible Result of Sin
  • OT-7 A Loss and a Promise
  • OT-8 The First Crime
  • OT-9 What the First Men Were Like
  • OT-10 The Second Beginning
  • OT-11 The Strange Division of Men into Nations
  • OT-12 Abraham Follows God
  • OT-13 God Talks with Abraham
  • OT-14 Sodom and Gomorrah
  • OT-15 Abraham Sends Ishmael Away
  • OT-16 God Tests Abraham
  • OT-17 Rebekah
  • OT-18 Jacob Buys the Birthright
  • OT-19 Jacob Deceives His Father
  • OT-20 Jacob Leaves Home
  • OT-21 Jacob Meets Rachel
  • OT-22 Jacob Leaves Haran Secretly
  • OT-23 Jacob Goes Home
  • OT-24 How Joseph Was Sold
  • OT-25 In Potiphar's House
  • OT-26 From Prison to Palace
  • OT-27 Joseph's Dreams Come True
  • OT-28 Benjamin Goes to Egypt
  • OT-29 Joseph's Silver Cup
  • OT-30 Jacob Goes to Egypt
  • OT-31 The Death of Jacob
  • OT-32 Moses
  • OT-33 God Chooses Moses
  • OT-34 A Stubborn King
  • OT-35 The Children of Israel Leave Egypt
  • OT-36 The End of the Egyptians
  • OT-37 Israel in the Wilderness
  • OT-38 God Talks from Mt. Sinai
  • OT-39 The Golden Calf
  • OT-40 The Tabernacle
  • OT-41 How Israel Worshiped
  • OT-42 Israel's Feasts
  • OT-43 The Year of Jubilee
  • OT-44 The Israelites Continue Their Journey
  • OT-45 The Grumbling Israelites
  • OT-46 Spies Search Out the Land
  • OT-47 Three Miracles
  • OT-48 The Death of Aaron
  • OT-49 The Brass Snake
  • OT-50 God Gives Victory
  • OT-51 Balaam Displeases a Frightened King
  • OT-52 The Last Days of Moses
  • OT-53 Canaan at Last
  • OT-54 A Victory and a Defeat
  • OT-55 How Trickery Overthrew Ai and Saved Gibeon
  • OT-56 When Night Was Late
  • OT-57 Dividing the Land
  • OT-58 Judges Rule Israel
  • OT-59 How Death Came to Sisera
  • OT-60 God Appears to Gideon
  • OT-61 The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon
  • OT-62 Samson
  • OT-63 Samson Captured
  • OT-64 Ruth's Choice
  • OT-65 Samuel Is Given to God
  • OT-66 War with the Philistines
  • OT-67 Saul, the First King
  • OT-68 David, the Shepherd Boy
  • OT-69 David Becomes an Outlaw
  • OT-70 Stories About the Outlawed David
  • OT-71 More Stories About David and Saul
  • OT-72 David, the King Whom God Loved
  • OT-73 How the Good King Sinned
  • OT-74 The Plan of a Bad Son
  • OT-75 The Failure of the Plot
  • OT-76 The Wisest Man in the World
  • OT-77 The Golden Kingdom of Solomon
  • OT-78 The Beginning of Bad Times
  • OT-79 The Divided Kingdom
  • OT-80 Elijah, the Stern Prophet
  • OT-81 Stories About Israel's Wicked King
  • OT-82 The Death of Ahab
  • OT-83 God Protects His People
  • OT-84 The Chariot of Fire
  • OT-85 Elisha, the Gentle Prophet
  • OT-86 Trouble with Syria
  • OT-87 The Soldier-King, Jehu
  • OT-88 The Little Boy Who Became King
  • OT-89 Elisha's Last Prophecy
  • OT-90 A Proud King Defeated
  • OT-91 Jonah, the Unwilling Prophet
  • OT-92 Stories About the Two Kingdoms
  • OT-93 Here Am I - Send Me
  • OT-94 The End of the Kingdom of Israel
  • OT-95 Hezekiah, the Good King
  • OT-96 A Wicked King Who Repented
  • OT-97 Stories About King Josiah
  • OT-98 The Man Who Had to Prophesy
  • OT-99 The Captivity of Judah
  • OT-100 Daniel
  • OT-101 The Fiery Furnace
  • OT-102 The King Who Lived in the Fields
  • OT-103 The Fall of Babylon
  • OT-104 Daniel in the Lions' Den
  • OT-105 Back to the Promised Land
  • OT-106 The Rebuilding of the Temple
  • OT-107 Esther, the Beautiful Queen
  • OT-108 Queen Esther Saves Her People
  • OT-109 Ezra, the Teacher of the Law
  • OT-110 Nehemiah, the Governor of Jerusalem
  • NT-1 The Priest Who Could Not Talk
  • NT-2 The Message of the Angel
  • NT-3 The Holy Night
  • NT-4 A Star in the East
  • NT-5 Warned by a Dream
  • NT-6 The Boy in the Temple
  • NT-7 The Preacher in the Desert
  • NT-8 Satan Talks to God's Son
  • NT-9 Jesus Chooses His Disciples
  • NT-10 Jesus at the Wedding Feast
  • NT-11 The Father's House
  • NT-12 A Visit by Night
  • NT-13 The Woman at Jacob's Well
  • NT-14 The Father Who Believed
  • NT-15 The Mob That Wanted a Miracle
  • NT-16 The Crowd at Jesus' Door
  • NT-17 Through the Roof to Jesus
  • NT-18 Matthew and His Feast
  • NT-19 The Withered Hand Made Well
  • NT-20 The Sermon on the Mount
  • NT-21 Jesus Gives Back Health and Life
  • NT-22 Stories Which Jesus Told
  • NT-23 The Winds and the Waves Obey
  • NT-24 The Little Girl Brought Back to Life
  • NT-25 The Wish of a Young Girl
  • NT-26 Five Loaves of Bread and Five Thousand People
  • NT-27 Walking on Top of the Stormy Water
  • NT-28 Friends and Enemies
  • NT-29 An Answered Prayer
  • NT-30 Hungry People Fed
  • NT-31 Who Am I?
  • NT-32 Glory on the Mountain
  • NT-33 The Good Samaritan
  • NT-34 The Feast of Tabernacles
  • NT-35 Two Sisters Who Loved Jesus
  • NT-36 The Friend of Children and His Prayer
  • NT-37 The Lost Sheep and the Son Who Left Home
  • NT-38 Jesus Wakes Lazarus from Death
  • NT-39 The Blind Beggar Who Called to Jesus
  • NT-40 Mary's Gift
  • NT-41 The King Comes
  • NT-42 The Roman Penny
  • NT-43 The Last Day and the Great Sin
  • NT-44 In the Upper Room
  • NT-45 Jesus' Last Words to His Disciples
  • NT-46 The Kiss of Judas
  • NT-47 Why Peter Wept
  • NT-48 Jesus Before the High Priest
  • NT-49 Why Pilate Washed His Hands
  • NT-50 Carrying the Cross
  • NT-51 The Sun Becomes Dark
  • NT-52 The Stone Is Rolled Away
  • NT-53 Visitors to the Tomb
  • NT-54 The Risen Lord
  • NT-55 Jesus Comes to His Friends
  • NT-56 How Jesus Left the Earth
  • NT-57 Power from Above
  • NT-58 The Lame Man in the Temple
  • NT-59 The Story of a Lie
  • NT-60 The Open Prison Doors
  • NT-61 The Man Who Looked into Heaven
  • NT-62 The Magician Who Tried to Buy God
  • NT-63 The Ethiopian Who Believed
  • NT-64 The Light on the Road
  • NT-65 The Changed Man
  • NT-66 Paul Escapes Twice
  • NT-67 The Good Woman Who Was Brought Back to Life
  • NT-68 A Lesson Peter Had to Learn
  • NT-69 A New Church
  • NT-70 The Angel in Prison
  • NT-71 On to Cyprus
  • NT-72 Why People Thought Paul Was a God
  • NT-73 A New Journey
  • NT-74 The Poor Fortune-teller
  • NT-75 The Jailer Who Believed
  • NT-76 From City to City
  • NT-77 About the Unknown God
  • NT-78 The Riot of the Statue-Makers
  • NT-79 The Young Man Who Fell Asleep
  • NT-80 Back to Jerusalem
  • NT-81 An Uproar in the Temple
  • NT-82 Paul's Speech to the Jews
  • NT-83 A Wicked Oath
  • NT-84 How Paul Was Saved
  • NT-85 The Trial
  • NT-86 The Appeal to Caesar
  • NT-87 A King Is Almost Persuaded
  • NT-88 Paul Sets Out for Rome
  • NT-89 The Shipwreck
  • NT-90 The Rescue
  • NT-91 The Hero of Faith
  • NT-92 The Visions of the Apostle John

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