Geronimo Stilton Special Edition: The Hunt for the Golden Book

by Geronimo Stilton Author

(From Amazon): Geronimo is on the hunt in this special edition adventure!Grandfather William was throwing me, Geronimo Stilton, a party -- it had been 10 years since I published my first book! He wanted me to write a new book especially for the occasion. Then my laptop was stolen right from under my snout. Cheese niblets, how terrible! Could my friends and I find my computer and print my book all in time for the party?BONUS! After the story, read an extra Mini Mystery adventure: THE LAKE MONSTER. When a mysterious monster is sighted in a lake on Mouse Island, Geronimo is called in to investigate! But can he figure out this creature's secret?PLUS jokes galore!


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In Print
Scholastic Paperbacks


  • 1 A Mountain of Books!
  • 2 Ring! Ring! RIIIIIIIIIING!
  • 3 Oh, Lola!
  • 4 Write! Write! Write!
  • 5 Is That Him? It Can't Be!
  • 6 Didn't I Tell You Not To Fall Asleep?
  • 7 I Told You To Keep Your Eyes Wide Open!
  • 8 I Knew That Mouse!
  • 9 Urgent Package For Tip Top Tech!
  • 10 The Hunt For The Golden Book!
  • 11 Ready for Shipping!
  • 12 Pink, Pink, Pink...Everywhere!
  • 13 We're Strong - Very Strong!
  • 14 Turn on Your TV Right Away!
  • 15 Breaking News!
  • 16 There's Not a Moment To Lose!
  • 17 Leaving for the Lake
  • ` At the Golden Catfish
  • 19 An Attic Fit For a King
  • 20 Sally's Photographer
  • 21 An Anonymous Note
  • 22 A Bumpy Ride
  • 23 The Monster's Tail
  • 24 A Strange Photo
  • 25 The Rat Race
  • 26 The Second Anonymous Note
  • 27 Mouseyback Ride on the Monster
  • 28 What Happened?
  • 29 Take a Look-See!
  • 30 A Surprise From the Sky
  • 31 The Belly of the Beast

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