Creative Writing Notebook #1

by Jenny Phillips Author, The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum Other

This beautiful notebook helps children dive into the creativity and joy of creative writing! 89 full-color pages, spiral-bound Designed for children in Grades 4-12. (Children in Grades 2-3 with advanced handwriting and writing skills may also enjoy the notebook.) Covers fiction writing and poetry. Contains five sections: Descriptive Writing Practice, Writing Exercises, Story Starters, Poetry, and Full Stories. Teaches skills such as adding sensory descriptions, generating ideas, using gestures to show emotion, creating engaging characters and plots, writing dialogue, overcoming writer’s block, and much more! The Good & the Beautiful language arts courses thoroughly cover nonfiction writing, but only cover basic creative writing. This notebook allows children to explore creative writing further, if desired. Q: How do you use the notebook? A: The notebook is designed to be self-directed by the child, and the pages can be completed in any order. Either allow the child to use the notebook whenever desired, or set aside time each day, a few times a week, or once a week for working on the notebook. Some children may need prompting and help, while others may not. Some children may need some pushing (for example, “You must complete three pages a week, but you can choose whatever pages you would like”), while others may not. Q: Will the notebook last a full school year? A: It completely depends on how often and how fast the child works. There are 89 pages. Some pages can be completed quickly, while others will take much longer. To finish in one school year, it is suggested that the child completes and average of three pages a week.


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4th - 8th

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