A Patriot's History of the United States: From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror

by Larry Schweikart Author

(From Amazon): For the past three decades, many history professors have allowed their biases to distort the way America’s past is taught. These intellectuals have searched for instances of racism, sexism, and bigotry in our history while downplaying the greatness of America’s patriots and the achievements of "dead white men." As a result, more emphasis is placed on Harriet Tubman than on George Washington; more about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II than about D-Day or Iwo Jima; more on the dangers we faced from Joseph McCarthy than those we faced from Josef Stalin. A Patriot’s History of the United States corrects those doctrinaire biases. In this groundbreaking book, America’s discovery, founding, and development are reexamined with an appreciation for the elements of public virtue, personal liberty, and private property that make this nation uniquely successful. This book offers a long-overdue acknowledgment of America’s true and proud history.


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9th - 12th


  • 1 The City on the Hill, 1492-1707
  • 2 Colonial Adolescence, 1707-63
  • 3 Colonies No More, 1763-83
  • 4 A Nation of Law, 1776-89
  • 5 Small Republic, Big Shoulders, 1789-1815
  • 6 The First Era of Big, Central Government, 1815-36
  • 7 Red Foxes and Bear Flags, 1836-48
  • 8 The House Dividing, 1848-60
  • 9 The Crisis of the Union, 1860-65
  • 10 Ideals and Realities of Reconstruction, 1865-76
  • 11 Lighting out for the Territories, 1861-90
  • 12 Sinews of Democracy, 1876-96
  • 13 "Building Best, Building Greatly," 1896-1912
  • 14 War, Wilson, and Internationalism, 1912-20
  • 15 The Roaring Twenties and the Great Crash, 1920-32
  • 16 Enlarging the Public Sector, 1932-40: The New Deal: Immediate Goals, Unintended Results
  • 17 Democracy's Finest Hour, 1941-45
  • 18 America's "Happy Days," 1946-59
  • 19 The Age of Upheaval, 1960-74
  • 20 Retreat and Resurrection, 1974-88
  • 21 The Moral Crossroads, 1989-2000
  • 22 America, World Leader, 2000 and Beyond

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