American Heritage: From Colonial Settlement to the Current Day

by Larry P. Arnn Other, Bradley J. Birzer Other, Thomas H. Conner Other, Matthew Gaetano Other, Paul Moreno Other, Paul A. Rahe Other

On July 4, 1776, America—acting under the authority of “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”—declared its independence from Great Britain. The new nation, founded on the principle that “all Men are created equal,” eventually grew to become the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world. This course will consider the history of America from the colonial era to the present, including major challenges to the Founders’ principles.

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Suggested Grades
9th - 12th
Hillsdale College


  • 1 The Study of American History
  • 2 Colonial Settlement
  • 3 Enlightenment and the Great Awakening
  • 4 The American Founding
  • 5 Jacksonian Democracy
  • 6 The Crisis of the Union
  • 7 Western Expansion
  • 8 Progressivism
  • 9 America as World Power
  • 10 Post-1960s America
  • 11 Final Quiz

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