Laying Down the Rails for Children, Book 1 (HABIT: CLEANLINESS)

by Lanaya Gore Author

(From Amazon): This companion to the award-winning book, Laying Down the Rails, expands on the principles of good habits with a practical how-to guide and action plan to use with your children. It is filled with classic stories and Bible passages, beautiful poems, life activities, inspiring quotations- living ideas that will nestle into your children's minds and motivate them toward the habits of good character.

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Early Years - 12th
Simply Charlotte Mason, LLC


  • 1 Page 14; Define cleanliness. Read Ecclesiastes 10:18.
  • 2 Pages 14-16; (1) Keep your room clean, aired, and odor-free. Read "Dust Under the Rug".
  • 3 Pages 16-17; (2) Air out any clothing or bedding that will be used again before washing. Read "Rain in the Night".
  • 4 Page 17; (3) It's fun to get dirty, but learn how to clean yourself up when finished. Read Francis Bacon quote.
  • 5 Page 17; (4a) Learn to groom yourself adequately. Demonstrate cleaning self.
  • 6 Page 17; (4b) Learn to wash hands before meals. Discuss germs & bacteria.
  • 7 Pages 18-20; (5) By the age of five or six, your child should be able to bathe himself properly. Read "The Three Pigs".
  • 8 Pages 20-21; Discuss cleanliness in food preparation. Discuss John Wesley quote.
  • 9 Pages 21-23; Discuss cleanliness as a service to others. Read "The Sanitary Commission".
  • 10 Page 23; Encourage one another with changes seen. Make a cleanliness chart.
  • 11 Pages 23; Discuss other aspects of cleanliness. Have parent share a cleanliness story.
  • 12 Page 24; Finish up other discussion.

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