Laying Down the Rails for Children, Book 1 (HABIT: KINDNESS)

by Lanaya Gore Author

(From Amazon): This companion to the award-winning book, Laying Down the Rails, expands on the principles of good habits with a practical how-to guide and action plan to use with your children. It is filled with classic stories and Bible passages, beautiful poems, life activities, inspiring quotations- living ideas that will nestle into your children's minds and motivate them toward the habits of good character.


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Early Years - 12th
Simply Charlotte Mason, LLC


  • 1 Pages 32-33; Define kindness. Read Ephesians 4:32 and 1 Thessalonians 5:15.
  • 2 Pages 33-34; (1) Think the best of other people. read "Alice Fell".
  • 3 Pages 34-35; (2) Do not assume that others will laugh at you for being kind. Read Arthur Ward quote. Activity.
  • 4 Page 35; (3) Defend another's character.... Read Samuel 19:1-7.
  • 5 Page 35; (4) Respond kindly to each of your siblings.... Activity.
  • 6 Pages 35-37; (5) Think of how you might hold the happiness of others.... Read "The Tombs Angel".
  • 7 Pages 37-38; (6) Be careful what messages you receive from outside influences.... Read 2 Samuel 4:4 and chapter 9.
  • 8 Page 38; Parent shares a story about kindness. Read Barrie quote.
  • 9 Pages 38-39; Read "The Elves and the Shoemaker".
  • 10 Pages 39-40; Read Romans 5:6-8. Read "On Another's Sorrow".
  • 11 Page 40; Discuss Mother Teresa quote. Activity.
  • 12 Pages 40-41; Treating foreigners. Read Ruth chapter 2.
  • 13 Pages 41-42; Read "Butterfly" and "Another Bird Story".
  • 14 Page 42; Read Proverbs about kindness.
  • 15a Page 42; Read "The Lion and the Mouse".
  • 15b Page 43; Read "The Soldiers in the Snow".
  • 15c Page 43-45; Read "Heroes of the Plague.

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