Vincent's Starry Night and Other Stories: A Children's History of Art

by Michael Bird Author

(From Amazon): An enthralling journey through the story of world art, from early cave paintings right up to the present day. Discover artists and their art around the world, in 68 exciting and imaginative tales about artists and the way they created their work. Written by educator and art historian Michael Bird, and beautifully illustrated by Kate Evans, the book also features reproductions of the famous artworks discussed, a comprehensive timeline of events, and extra feature spreads on places connected with art.This is a beautiful and engaging introduction to art for any home or school library.

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Suggested Grades
2nd - 12th
Laurence King Publishing
1st Edition


  • 1 Lion Man: The First Artists p.13
  • 2 Animal Magic: The Cave Painters p.17
  • 3 Picture Stories: Ancient Painters, Carvers, and Scribes p.21
  • 4 Seeing It My Way: Akhenaten's Artists p.25
  • 5 Life Goes On: Tutankhamun's Tomb: p.29
  • 6 Travelers' Tales: Kleitias the Vase Painter p.33
  • 7 Big Ideas: Phidias and the Parthenon p.37
  • 8 The Warrior Factory: Qin Shi Huang's Craftsmen p.43
  • 9 A Tall Order: The Sculptor and the Emperor p.47
  • 10 Enjoy the View: A Roman Painter p.51
  • 11 Eye to Eye: A Mosaic Maker in Saint Sophia p.57
  • 12 The Calligrapher's Dream: Ibn al-Bawwab p.61
  • 13 Mountain Man: Fan Kuan p.65
  • 14 Floating City: The Builders of Angkor Wat p.69
  • 15 Light Fantastic: The Stained-Glass Makers of Chartres p.75
  • 16 Real-Life Stories: Giotto p.79
  • 17 All Sides of Life: Medieval Scribes and Illuminators p.83
  • 18 Head People: The Bronze-Casters of Ife p.87
  • 19 Snow Angels: Andrei Rublev p.91
  • 20 Discovering the Future: Donatello p.97
  • 21 The Smallest Detail: Jan van Eyck p.103
  • 22 Fly to the Sun: The Aztecs p.107
  • 23 Under the Skin: Leonardo Da Vinci p.111
  • 24 Work Hard, Be Famous: Albrecht Durer p.115
  • 25 Stone into Statue: Michelangelo p.119
  • 26 The Art of Philosophy: Raphael p.123
  • 27 The Night is Young: Titian p.127
  • 28 Cold Comfort: Pieter Breugel p.133
  • 29 King of the Cheetahs: Basawan and Dharm Das p.137
  • 30 Light Supper: Caravaggio p.141
  • 31 The Flower Girl: Rembrandt p.145
  • 32 Painting is Me: Artemisia Gentileschi p.151
  • 33 Good Morning! Diego Velasquez p.155
  • 34 Imagine Being There: Claude Lorrain p.159
  • 35 The Longer You Look: Johannes Vermeer p.163
  • 36 House of Cards: Jean-Simeon Chardin p.167
  • 37 The Storm and the Calm: Jacques-Louis David p.173
  • 38 No Heroes: Francisco Goya p.177
  • 39 Rocks and Stones and Trees: Caspar David Friedrich p.181
  • 40 Under the Wave: Katsushika Hokusai p.185
  • 41 Artistic Chemistry: William Henry Fox Talbot p.189
  • 42 I'll Show You!: Joseph Mallord William Turner p.193
  • 43 The Plan of Campaign: Gustave Courbet p.199
  • 44 Worth Every Cent: Frederic Edwin Church p.203
  • 45 Cradle of Art: Berthe Morisot p.209
  • 46 The Great Outdoors: Claude Monet p.213
  • 47 Split-Second Timing: Eadweard Muybridge p.219
  • 48 What is Color Made of?: Georges Seurat p.223
  • 49 Vincent's Starry Night: Vincent van Gogh p.227
  • 50 In Her Hands: Camille Claudel p.231
  • 51 It All Fits Together: Paul Cezanne p.235
  • 52 Cut and Paste: Georges Braque p.241
  • 53 Happy Birthday!: Marc Chagall p.245
  • 54 Spinning a Story: Marcel Duchamp p.249
  • 55 Comrades!: Varvara Stepanova p.253
  • 56 Circles of Life: Vasily Kandinsky p.259
  • 57 The Girl Between Worlds: Frida Kahlo p.263
  • 58 Sea of Dreams: Joan Miro p.267
  • 59 The Lie that Tells the Truth: Pablo Picasso p.271
  • 60 Pebbles and Bombs: Henry Moore p.275
  • 61 It's All Rubbish!: Kurt Schwitters p.279
  • 62 Straight from the Can: Jackson Pollock p.285
  • 63 In the Blue Morning: Henri Matisse p.291
  • 64 What Happened Here?: Anselm Kiefer p.295
  • 65 My Dreaming: Emily Kame Kngwarreye p.299
  • 66 Come Inside: Louise Bourgeois p.303
  • 67 Bottletop Magic: El Anatsui p.307
  • 68 Sowing Seeds: Ai Weiwei p.311

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