Spelling Power - LEVEL H, Fourth Edition

by Beverly L Adams-Gordon Author

(From Amazon): Note: CD is present inside the book.Adams-Gordon's Spelling Power is an award-winning program that teaches solid back-to-basic spelling skills using research-proven approaches and 21st century technology. Your students will use systematic, simultaneous, multi-sensory steps to master the 5,000 most frequently used and misspelled words. These words are divided into eleven levels of frequency, rather than traditional grade levels, to aid immediate improvement in daily writing. The included placement tests allows you to determine at which level each of your students should begin studying and then they progress through the remaining levels at their own pace. Each level has 47 possible groups based on phonetic principles and other spelling conventions. Spelling Power's systematic simultaneous, multi-sensory steps, hands-on skill building activities, and its six levels of built-in review guarantees students of all learning styles and abilities will master every word.Everything you need to teach all of your students spelling skills to the college level is contained in this one curriculum package. You will even find everything you need to teach proofreading and dictionary skills. Spelling Power comes with access to the On-line Teacher s Resources site providing you a wealth of useful resources. Even if you are new to teaching, you will find Spelling Power's easy-to-understand, step-by-step manual and the included Quick Start DVD Seminar will help you give all of your students Spelling Power in just 15 minutes per day!Are you teaching outside of the U.S.A? Spelling Power includes Canadian/British spellings where applicable in both the Flow-Word Lists and the Searchable Word List so you can decide which convention you wish to teach your students.


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  • 1 Level H - Group 1; a as in cat
  • 2 Level H - Group 2; e as in nest
  • 3 Level H - Group 3; i as in big
  • 4 Level H - Group 4; o as in not
  • 5 Level H - Group 6; ay, ai, ey, ei, eigh, ea, or a followed by a consonant and silent e
  • 6 Review Test 1
  • 7 Level H - Group 7; ea, ee, y, ie, ei, ey, or e followed by a consonant and silent e
  • 8 Level H - Group 8; ie, igh, y, i, or silent e as in wild
  • 9 Level H - Group 9; oe, ow, oa, or o as in told or home
  • 10 Level H - Group 10; ew, ue, ui, o, u as in few
  • 11 Level H - Group 11; ar as in jar
  • 12 Review Test 2
  • 13 Level H - Group 12; ir, er, ur, er, ear, our, or w as in bird
  • 14 Level H - Group 13; or, oar, oor, our, ar as in orn
  • 15 Level H - Group 15; ear, eer, ere, ier, er, ier as in hear
  • 16 Level H - Group 16; ou, ow as in cloud
  • 17 Level H - Group 17; a, o, au, augh, ough, aw
  • 18 Review Test 3
  • 19 Delayed Recall Test 1 - Form A
  • 20 Delayed Recall Test 1 - Form B
  • 21 Level H - Group 22; some words have silent letters as in knew
  • 22 Level H - Group 23; no English words end with the letter v
  • 23 Level H - Group 24; consonant letters doubled as in egg
  • 24 Level H - Group 26; suffixes ness and ly
  • 25 Level H - Group 28; en as in golden
  • 26 Review Test 4
  • 27 Level H - Group 29; le, el, al, il, ol, ul, ile
  • 28 Level H - Group 30; plural for words ending in sh, zh, z, s, j, ch, or x
  • 29 Level H - Group 31; plurals of some nouns are formed irregularly
  • 30 Level H - Group 36; compound words
  • 31 Level H - Group 41; abbreviations
  • 32 Review Test 5
  • 33 Level H - Group 42; tion, sion, cian as in vacation
  • 34 Level H - Group 43; ous or ace as in nervous
  • 35 Level H - Group 44; ance or ence as in substance
  • 36 Level H - Group 45; ment as in element
  • 37 Level H - Group 46; addition of a prefix does not usually change the spelling of the root word
  • 38 Review Test 6
  • 39 Delayed Recall Test 2 - Form A
  • 40 Delayed Recall Test 2 - Form B
  • 41 End of Level Test - Form A
  • 42 End of Level Test - Form B

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