America's Artistic Legacy

by Professor Carol Reynolds Creator

This two-semester online course will take you on a journey through America’s history, art, music, literature, and culture. From the Puritans and Native Americans; through the founders and pioneers; to the immigrants of Ellis Island and today’s newest immigrants, Americans have used music, paintings, poetry, dance and architecture to express the essence of life in America. This course features dozens of colorful video sequences filmed by Professor Carol on location across the country. Each of the 24 course modules includes approximately 1 hour of video instruction with quizzes and an "assignment” unit in each module. The assignments mainly provide extensive materials for the student to study the topics in greater depth. The course spans the period from Native Americans and the earliest European Settlers through Jazz and Broadway.

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online class
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9th - 12th


  • 1 America Is Not Europe: Our Unique Heritage
  • 2 Our Puritan Heritage
  • 3 The Moravians
  • 4 Spanish Influences on Native America
  • 5 New France
  • 6 The Arts and Science of Philadelphia
  • 7 The Roots of American Hymnody
  • 8 Music in Chains
  • 9 Uniquely American: The Minstrel Show
  • 10 American Arts and Culture of the Mid-19th Century
  • 11 Our Kaleidoscopic 19th Century
  • 12 Tragedy, Adventure, and the Grand March
  • 13 The Building Up of Arts Institutions and Mass Culture
  • 14 American Art Enters the World Stage
  • 15 From Boston to the Prairie
  • 16 New Technologies and the Gilded Age
  • 17 The New Century Starts with a Bang
  • 18 Opulent and Turbulent
  • 19 Aftermath of WWI and the Roaring Twenties
  • 20 The 1930's and the Flowering of American Arts
  • 21 The Path to World War II
  • 22 America's Music: Jazz
  • 23 Moving into the War Years
  • 24 The Post-War Years

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