Life in a Bucket of Soil [SCM]

by Alvin Silverstein Author, Virginia Silverstein Author, Richard Rhine (pseudonym) Author

(From Amazon): The soil in forests, meadows, and fields — even in vacant city lots or your own backyard — swarms with countless tiny creatures, most of which are born, struggle for life, and die just beneath the earth’s surface. In fact, you can find a bountiful sampling of these underground inhabitants simply by filling a bucket with soil. The small animals you’re likely to find are vividly described in this fascinating, easy-to-read book, specially designed to acquaint you with a vast, living world beneath your feet.You’ll learn about tunnel-building earthworms; threadlike, wriggly roundworms; snails and slugs (the “slime gliders”); armored scavengers such as wood lice and centipedes; “flying tanks,” more commonly known as beetles; lurking hunters such as spiders; the busy underground colonies of ants; and numerous other inhabitants of the soil. You’ll find out how these diminutive animals live, breed, and interact; learn about their methods of locomotion, feeding, and defense; and even discover how they affect the soil in which they live. The authors also provide helpful suggestions for collecting specimens and explain how they can be preserved and studied.Illustrated with more than 70 detailed black-and-white drawings, this fact-filled book will introduce you to an amazing subterranean world most people never even think about. It is sure to appeal to young naturalists, junior biologist, insect lovers, and anyone curious about the natural world.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 6th
Dover Publications


  • 1 World in the Soil
  • 2 Safari in the Soil
  • 3 Earthworms: Tunnel Builders
  • 4 Roundworms: Threadlike Wrigglers
  • 5 Snails and Slugs: Slime Gliders
  • 6 Wood Lice: Armored Scavengers
  • 7 Centipedes and Millipedes: Many-Legged Crawlers
  • 8 Springtails: Swarming Leapers
  • 9 Spiders and Their Relatives: Lurking Hunters
  • 10 Mites: Tiny Eight-Leggers
  • 11 Beetles: Flying Tanks
  • 12 Ants: Underground Kingdoms
  • 13 Humans and the World of the Soil

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