Look to the Stars [SCM]

by Buzz Aldrin Author

(From Amazon): Buzz Aldrin takes readers on a journey through the history of space exploration.As one of a handful of astronauts to have walked on the moon, Buzz Aldrin has a unique perspective of space. And he serves as an amazing guide as he introduces us to the pioneers of space. From Copernicus to the Wright brothers, from the Apollo program to dreams of future travel, he reminds us that mankind has always looked to the stars.Buzz's informative, kid-friendly text is paired with beautifully detailed illustrations by renowned illustrator Wendell Minor, and offers the perfect introduction to everything space related, including the development of the first rockets, America?s space race with Russia, details of all the Apollo missions, and the space station.Aldrin and Minor collaborated on the bestselling Reaching for the Moon and now they reach beyond that book to give young readers a concise look at the whole history of space exploration. Each spread provides a wonderful jumping-off point for young readers, and will no doubt inspire them to look to the stars themselves.

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In Print
Suggested Grades
4th - 6th
G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers


  • 1 A New View of the Universe
  • 2 First Flights!
  • 3 Visions of Other Worlds
  • 4 Breaking New Barriers
  • 5 Messages From Space
  • 6 The First Astronauts
  • 7 Mercury Goes Into orbit
  • 8 Gemini—Bridge to the Moon
  • 9 Project Apollo: The Dream Come True
  • 10 The Amazing Apollo Missions
  • 11 We Learn to Live in Space
  • 12 The Space Shuttle
  • 13 The Road Back to The Moon
  • 14 First Robots, Then Humans to Mars!
  • 15 Your Future in Space

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