The Holy War In Modern English

by John Bunyan Author

(From Amazon): This is another great allegorical story by this gifted writer. It is the story of the battle between Diabolus (Satan) and Emmanuel (Christ) over Mansoul. After slaying Captain Resistance and Innocency, Diabolus found it easy to enter Mansoul through Eargate and Eyegate. After these two were dead, the rest of the citizens acted as if they had found a fool-paradise. They were pleased with forbidden fruit, ate it, and became intoxicated by eating it. But King Shaddai sent His son Emmanuel to recapture Mansoul. Every Christian should thrill again as he or she reads this allegory of their experience. For in the days of our unbelief did we not yield allegiance to the Devil, and did we not seek to avoid looking into the face of Emmanuel? Were we not all children of wrath with the rest of them, by our self-love being held captive by the prince of the power of the air. Eph. 2:1. The constant battle is between the Diabolonians and Mansoul, with Emmanuel coming to the rescue. Diabolus gets the upper hand through his wiles and stratagems, always aided by doubters, covetous, and other enemies of Emmanuel. Seeing they could not capture the castle, Diabolus led his people out of the city. They then plotted how they could tempt the citizens to fall into sin and grow cold to Emmanuel. They pitched on the best would be to make all of Mansoul rich. It was a brilliant scheme, but again Emmanuel arrived in time to win the battle. Diabolus never gives up, and Christ is ready to rescue. This book is no classic by accident. It speaks to the soul of every honest saint of God. Despite the fact that its theme is not a popular one, it is so true to Christian experience that it has been printed and reprinted for three centuries. Anyone who has not read it is the poorer for it. For it is a picture of the struggle of the saints against temptation and doubt, against pride and false security, against sloth, etc. We are sinners saved by grace, but the body of death remains (Rom. 7:24).


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