All About Birds

by Robert S. Lemmon Author

Nobody has counted every bird, of course, but scientists believe there are about a hundred billion of them in the world. In that tremendous feathered crowd, there is an amazing assortment - the ostrich that may weigh three hundred pounds, and the tiny hummingbird that weighs a good deal less than the letter on which you stick a three-cent stamp. . . . In All About Birds, Robert Lemmon has given a remarkable overall story of birds to show their similarities and differences, their amazing habits and believe-it-or-not achievements. Throughout the book he tells of specific birds - how to identify them and study them as a scientist, and how to make friends with them as a neighbor. Delightfully illustrated.

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Early Years - 6th
Random House


  • 1 How Many Birds Are There? p.1-5
  • 2 The Oldest Bird in the World p.6-9
  • 3 Watch Your Step! p.10-16
  • 4 The Wonders of a Feather p.17-24
  • 5 Flying Secrets p.25-32
  • 6 How Fast and How High? p.33-36
  • 7 Little Bird that Flies Backward p.37-41
  • 8 High-Dive Champions p.42-46
  • 9 It's a Duck's Life p.47-52
  • 10 Why Do Birds Migrate? p.53-61
  • 11 Favorite Foods p.62-66
  • 12 Big Mouths and Little Ones p.67-73
  • 13 All Kinds of Feet p.74-79
  • 14 Woodpecker Oddities p.80-85
  • 15 Habits They Never Get Over p.86-91
  • 16 Singing in the Spring p.92-97
  • 17 Nests for Everybody p.98-105
  • 18 The Story of Eggs p.106-110
  • 19 When Birds Are Very Young p.111-117
  • 20 There's No Place Like Home p.118-122
  • 21 More Birds Around Home p.123-130
  • 22 Accidents Will Happen p.131-137

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