The Good and The Beautiful: Level Two Reader

by Jenny Phillips Author

Level 2 Reader* 312 pages / full-color / illustrated / spiral-bound designed to help children experience and love “good and beautiful” style literature at a young age engaging, wholesome, and well-written literature selected from readers and books that are out of print and impossible or difficult to find designed for personal reading—not too challenging to read alone, but still of high literary value increases in difficulty as the reader progresses


Additional Details

Print Status
In Print
Starting Pages
Suggested Grades
1st - 3rd

Starting Pages

  • 1 Polly at School
  • 33 Rain and Shine
  • 91 Something Different
  • 153 Tony's Birds
  • 205 Lost and Found
  • 247 Ben and Mary's Trip
  • 269 Two Little Ducks
  • 277 How the Hurricane Helped
  • 289 Teddy and the Airplane

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